Wolf Eyes - Starched Calendars Vol 1

So American Tapes died when the catalogue number hit 1000. Everybody knows that's true. Don't we? Well, there is a slow but steady stream of releases that bear the signature artwork and recycled ex-library tapes. Whether it is tagged with a label name is fairly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things so maybe there is a freedom given by just sliding things out virtually unannounced into the nest of sub-underground stalkers.

I think that there is probably some sampled and manipulated contributions from the other Eyes but this tastes of Mr Olson weaving his magic. I've only had one opportunity to have a taste but didn't think he would take to it too kindly. Maybe next time. I reckon largely umami (which is obviously preferable). Everything that I say here is self-evidently true ... if you know otherwise hold yourself up to a ripple of disinterest in the comments section.

A self-released C60 that was also released in 2019 in an edition of ten.



Anonymous,  21 August 2020 at 17:29