Theoretical Girls - Theoretical Girls

Barbara Ess (The Static, Y Pants etc), Jeffrey Lohn, Margaret DeWys, Wharton Tiers (who has been the producer behind a mountain of things that you can just listen to and say, yeah that's him ... I should know I bought about half of them ... even when I didn't know the band, it was "Wharton is on production? I'm in!") and Glenn Branca (legend).

This is a proto-no-wave outfit that was more referenced than actually heard which isn't surprising given that they only officially released a 7" single. This is a great collection of material largely culled from 1979 to 1981 and it's so obvious how they informed the next decade or few.

CD released on Acute Records in 2002. It's not MP3.

Theoretical Girls


Anonymous,  13 August 2020 at 07:18  

A classic, of course! thx