Forced Orgasm - As Per Agreement (1993. 1995. 1999. 2008.)

This isn't listed on Discogs and the only reference to it that I have found is on the Forced Orgasm blog page. Anyway, this is a four disc set with four live recordings from the years suggested.

I've expressed my doubts about the veracity of the publicised background of FO ... I think it's a smirk aimed at the fetishisation of Japanese noise. If this isn't the work of Sean's husband then you can insert your own fallacy here.

As Per Agreement


sebekulten 31 August 2020 at 08:42  

whoa Another long Forced Orgasm release! Sean's husband is Richard Ramirez if I remember correctly? I wanted to ask you one thing since the Nightside Terror post, now that a relevant post is up - is Richard Ramirez his real (I mean birth) name or a reference to the serial killer?

Mrs. Inside 31 August 2020 at 11:16  

Ramirez is Richard's actual family name. The serial killer's name is coincidence.