Gnod - Three Sticks A Penny

About 17 months ago, I posted a rake of Gnod. I think I made it quite clear how much I love these people!

At the time I said that 2011 belonged to Gnod. Yeah, I'm a prophet.

In the intervening period Gnod have given us: the split LP with fellow Manc psychonauts A Middle Sex on Blackest Rainbow; Ingnodwetrust on Rocket Recordings; the "The Long And Short Of It" tape on Colour Ride; and 2 vinyl volumes of Chaudelande on Tamed Records. As well as re-releasing the sublime Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II and re-self-releasing the Science & Industry tape as a cdr. All of these releases are really quite extraordinary! I don't think that I've missed anything on the journey.

Three Sticks A Penny is a self-released cdr that slipped out last year. This is my favourite release of all those listed here. For me, this is the more private side of Gnod similar to the freeform intuitive manifestation that you get to see live. Well, to be honest, this is when you have left and they shut the doors and get a groove on! The first track is nearly 40 minutes long...when I first played it the chimes reminded me of Carpenter's theme for sounds nothing like it but it set me up for the disturbing (but ultimately liberating) ride that awaited me. And, that is only the first track. Depending upon my mood, this is either Gnod setting sail for a new universe or retreating into a cave to start a new world order.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot...this also signals the resurrection.

2012 belongs to Gnod as well!

Three Sticks A Penny

This one always cheers me's the start of Kuntz from Butthole Surfers'‎ "Locust Abortion Technician":

...and the discomeister has a string of posts on facetube...this is one of them...


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Gnod live Roadburn 2012 :