Sun City Girls - Superpower

Eclipse Records put out some brilliant double LP SCG releases that were as close as it gets to the Cloaven's seeing a reissue. I bought all of that vinyl and then they went bankrupt so that mission was unexpectedly terminated so not all of it escaped.

However, there is the common reissue misconception ... as beautiful as they are, they are edits. The first two tapes come in at around 140 minutes and that doesn't fit on four sides of vinyl. If anyone wants it, I'll post the corresponding Eclipse vinyl so you can compare and contrast.

Anyway ... "An equatorial collective improvisation recorded live in 1982 and informative disinformation financed by short-wave overload with text excerpts from Myron Fagen circa 1967. Recorded August 1982 live at Merlin's."

The second of the Cloaven Cassettes released in 1987.

solar power


Double Dubz 1 April 2023 at 20:54  

News to me re: edits!! thx thx

FlaccusMUC 2 April 2023 at 06:35  

Very nice, thanks a lot! Only knew the "reissue".

parmalee 2 April 2023 at 13:49  

Yeah, that was the one unfortunate aspect about some of those Eclipse releases. There's so much more out there from the Cloaven cassettes and videos and suchlike that has yet to see the light of day--again, that is. I suspect that Scott Colburn has got a lot of stuff,as well, that never saw the light of day in the first place.

They brought along a lot of the tapes when they did those short tours before Charlie died, and they could be had pretty cheaply.

ANyways, thanks for filling in some of the gaps!

Anonymous,  6 April 2023 at 17:43  

truly super