E.E.E. - Found Documents 1984-1992

The E's are good in question are "officially" Ella Einsmire and Elliot Einsmire. British twins that made noise music and then moved to Texas to make some more. Tragically Elliot died in 1997, leaving Ella to pursue the noise mission alone.

The unfortunate truth is that none of that can be true. Nobody over here had ever heard of them and they don't appear in any meaningful way on t'interweb. Also, nobody over here makes wall noise like this and certainly never did in the titular dates. What am I? Some kind of mug that believes for a second that there are two Rupeni? For me, it's another one of Richard's ciphers and that is always a good thing in any right thinking world!

A four CDr set released on Deadline Recordings in 2014.

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