Dead Body Love - Nechronology

This is a collection of generally unavailable releases (with a tape of previously unreleased work) from everybody's favourite corpse fiddler: Gabriele Giuliani. What? you have a top ten? Weirdo!

I posted this in September 2013. I've managed to learn a lot in the intervening period, not least patience. I've gone back to the rips and reduced the unwanted noise where I could, amplified where necessary and topped and tailed where the machine was allowed to run without adding anything of value. It took quite a while and it was worth it.

A genuinely great eight cassette retrospective released on Second Sleep in 2010.

opt in

opt ion


Double Dubz 24 March 2022 at 01:45  

I don't remember picking this up here at all but I did...just now noticing that (and from where). And still up! Thx. Jeez