Toshiharu Ohsato - Improvisation Dedicated To Aquirax Aida

Ohsato was the bass player for Gaseneta, a legendarily volatile band of simultaneously proto- and post-punk nihilists whose raging excess lasted for just 3 years in the late 1970s before their inevitable implosion. Gaseneta foreshadowed no wave, Musica Transonic, Harry Pussy and more in a brilliant flash that was destined to self-destruct quickly. Once it did, Ohsato was disillusioned about music, something he had mixed feelings about since the start. He played in Taco for a bit, taught college art and film classes in Yokohama, wrote an astounding and brutal memoir "Gaseneta Wasteland" about his tumultuous years playing in Gaseneta (recently translated into English and published by Public Bath Press) then died in 2009. This album is one of very few documents of his sporadic post-Gaseneta music. It was released as a CD in 2018 by Company Sha.



Double Dubz 7 October 2021 at 13:33  

Interesting! Often a revelation, here, to find things totally off my radar here that should not be. thx

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Merci - really appreciated!!

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