Shizuka - Paradise Of Delusion

We haven't done justice to Shizuka (other than to mention that Jun Kosugi was also in Fushitsusha). That definitely needs to be rectified! Before we do ... can I just take a moment to say FUCK THE FLIPPERS! Well, I've done it now. This was released on June the 28th, 2021 in an edition of 300 and obviously disappeared from sight very quickly. One of the reasons it disappeared are the leeches who buy multiple copies to try to turn a profit ... like the seller on a popular "fan-run" website, who is trying to get this sold for at least TEN times the original cost. Yeah. I know.

However, a person after my own heart has ripped it so it can be sent out into the world. This is a live recording at BinSpark, Nishiogikubo in Tokyo (which is apparently two minutes on foot from the North Exit of Nishiogikubo Station) from exactly ten years ago to the day.

It is a LP release courtesy of the always wonderful An'archives ... they even have a recent LSD March LP that is still for sale but I'd be quick if I were you.



Anonymous,  11 October 2021 at 05:11  

Thanks to you and the ripper! Shizuka are/were brilliant, as is an'archives

Anonymous,  15 October 2021 at 00:27