Yeast Culture - IYS Field Tapes


This elaborately packaged set of six cassette tapes contains the source sounds used for Yeast Culture's classic 1989 LP "IYS". As with all things Yeast Culture, the set was adorned with astoundingly complex silk-screen art that has to be seen and held to be believed. The package was screen-printed, as were each tape, the tape cases, and two books of text and art enclosed inside. The box itself was wrapped in an actual tree branch from (I presume) the Oregon woods where these sounds were foraged. But since only 30 copies of "IYS Field Tapes" were made, maybe you didn't get a copy of your own. 

part 1

part 2


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Yow, didn't even know about this; thank YOU!

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Thank you SO much for this gem!

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Amazing, thx!! new to me...

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