Taco - タコ Box Vol.1 甘ちゃん

I posted this a few years ago and decided to renew the links ... so pulled the post forward so it's more visible. I'm pretty sure that the first time it was 320, this time it is flac if that's something you are arsed about.

I used to think that Taco never really existed and began to think that they were imagined somewhere in order to torment me with the never to be realised potential that the myth might actually be true.

The increasingly magnificent Super Fuji Discs released this four CD masterpiece in 2012. Apparently there is a Volume 2 as well ... but I can barely manage English never mind navigate their website ... maybe one day I will hear that truth as well ...

And this is pertinent information lifted from elsewhere:

"Taco" means "octopus”, "kite" and even "bunion" in Japanese. Bald men or men with shaven heads, and red-faced, staggering drunks are also referred to as "taco". It’s a word that appears in a lot of slang and sayings. "Taco" is also the name of the 80s music and performance collective whose performances were like nothing before or since.

The Japanese band Taco, formed at the beginning of the 80s, is a loose group/collective of varying members that belongs to the post-punk alternative music movement. The network of members was all friends and acquaintances of Harumi Yamazaki, ex-member of Gaseneta and Taco’s central member. Taco can be described as a band of guerillas who, over the years, continued to connect, collect, interrupt, and scatter while sending out, into the world, music and sounds that can best be described as transient. Taco also performed without Harumi and so it is as though the band is an anonymous group of mercenaries.

Taco’s first album was released in 1983 and had a huge impact on Japan’s underworld music scene as an anomalous and collaborative album involving various participating artists (the stars of Japan’s underground music scene!) and Harumi, who provided the lyrics. Although each track represents a reverberating conglomeration of sounds created by this transient local network, common to all the tracks is Harumi’s expressive lyrics. This has the effect of transforming all the tracks into a single powerful force which in turn spawns an 'incident' which spreads like a giant ripple. However, because of another incident in which the records were recalled due to the scandal caused by some of the lyrics, only a limited number of people actually own a copy of the album.

The following is a description of Taco by one of its members following one of its live performances:

"Taco’s like a project where the indeterminate participants fan each other’s heightened emotions of wanting to wreak personal revenge and retribution. It’s an ecosystem of tangible and intangible mouldy slime which accumulate in order for emotions to be acted out, both indoors in the studio, or outdoors on stage. That’s why the avenger can often end up being the victim."

The Alternative Counter Organization

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Anonymous,  21 May 2017 at 23:12  

Wow! I had forgotten the blog for some months (sorry!) and when today the idea of visiting came to me, what do I find? A bunch of delicacies... Definitely I must visit more often ;)

I had expected this Taco box since you (Mr Badgestump) mentioned the possibility of upping it in the Gaseneta Box post from a year ago or something like that. So, finally it's here, and not only that, we have as bonus the first album (in the original uncensored version or so it seems?) and the CD reissue. Nice.

The "elsewhere" where the presentation comes from is funnily the very same place you reccommended not to read in the other post, haha. Well, I'm not very sure about the T.A.C.O. letters as an acronym (now that I remember, there's a similar theory for Can, Cannibal Anarchists Nutrition or something alike hahaha). This thing about baldheaded people is true though. Tora-san (the hero of the longest film saga in the world) usually calls Tako some bald character of the movies. On the other hand, Tako is a part of the name of another great band, Aburadako (the 't' turns to 'd' because of being between vocals), this band that I'm very grateful to Badgerstump for helping me with their discography some months ago (yeah!!). About the Taco members, yes the band seems to have been quite unstable, but as far as I remember the line-up in the first album was pretty much the same as of Gaseneta, not only Harumi Yamazaki.

Thanks for the octopuses!!!


Fernando :)

Anonymous,  22 May 2017 at 18:03  

taco rules!!!!

ptnlf 8 May 2021 at 15:14  

hi there. is it possible to get the second box in flac? thx

badgerstump 8 May 2021 at 15:42  

I don't have the second box in any format, unfortunately ... at least not yet.

Stagger Thorax 4 July 2021 at 23:19  

Could you re-load these. they are all dead links.


Anonymous,  7 July 2021 at 12:48  

Thank you very much for this re-upload... And for your always surprising posts.

Anonymous,  22 August 2021 at 22:15  

Wonderful thank you!