Mikami Kan - Enka-shū: Hiraku yume nado aru ja nashi

"Grief Song Collection: There Are No Dreams To Open".

I should fucking hope not. Optimism is totally overrated, were all going to die so basically everything is pointless. [take a deep breath, now you feel better ... no, you do ... concentrate ... now, there you go].

This is a whole heap of true genius ... the first track on it's own is one of the finest things that I have ever heard! A 50 year old recording that manages to come from the future with Nik Turner's Inner City Unit sax, some chunky funk and dancehall / jungle / rap vocals. That's the first two minutes covered then ...

Originally released as a vinyl LP in 1972 ... this is the Kitty Records CD reissue from 1989.

sweet dreams are made of grief


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth 12 June 2021 at 20:03  

What a surprise; for me amyway. Thanks a bunch!