Empirical Sleeping Consort - The Layers Of Awakening

A "manufacturing fuck-up" meant that this was mastered as a single track rather than the intended thirteen. Serendipity strikes, it works wonderfully.

CD released on Kronotop in 1994.

The Layers Of Awakening


Mjy,  25 June 2021 at 22:31  

Sweet satan this is glorious. Thank you!

Anonymous,  26 June 2021 at 01:29  

One of Canada's finest along with NSB, John Oswald, L'Infonie, Intersystems, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Vromb, Kaiser Nietzsche, Fossils and David Payne. This blog turned me onto the works of the latter two artists mentioned. I believe Canada is not as recognized artistically as it should be. Do you have other Canadian artists whose work you can share? I want to hear more. Thanks for everything you do. It's appreciated. (full disclosure - I'm 1/4 Canadian)

Anonymous,  26 June 2021 at 03:49  

I'm not buying the "manufacturing fuck-up" bit from this, it definitely sounds like it was intended as one track.

Anonymous,  26 June 2021 at 14:32  

Some other interesting Canadians, off the top of my head: The Rita, Knurl, Ryan Bloomer's various projects, Ames Sanglantes, Nebris, Violence and the Sacred, ...Of Tanz Victims, Catharsist, Vromb (early stuff at least), Orphx (early stuff again!), Tunnel Canary. The Haters might count (originally from Vancouver!).

Anonymous,  29 June 2021 at 06:35  

Rush are cool, too!