Toots & The Maytals - Funky Kingston

I choose not see much of my family. I seem to have escaped before the gene pool dried up and it seems pointless to bother. However, in a weak moment on Friday I got drunk with my brother (when will I ever learn) and at a certain point of the night I was playing this whilst he tried to impress me with his phone accessed conspiracy theories that Covid doesn't exist, BLM and Extinction Rebellion are terrorists (he is black btw ... just saying ... false consciousness in action) and all kinds of other bullshit. I woke up the next morning to find out that Toots had contracted Covid and ended up in an Intensive Care Unit where he died. I would rather it was my brother so that the global IQ could increase by a small percentile so that we all had a better chance.

This is basically a reworked compilation of a prior compilation ... Mango not Dragon. It's from 1975.

Funky Kingston


kingpossum,  14 September 2020 at 18:08  

Thank you for the memorial posts. Regrets for your family stuff.

Your IQ comment rang with me. So much talk about the divides here in the U.S.--race, wealth, political party. Really seems to boil down to an IQ imho. Regrettably the <70 crowd hold the Whitehouse and the Senate. Your prayers for 11/3/20 much appreciated.

I'll return the favor for you and your fam.