Nihilist Assault Group - Saturation Point X

My favourite assemblage of capricious minstrels!

If you look beneath the balaclavas (that no doubt come in very handy in our hazy Covid days) two of these tracks are Richard Rupenus (The New Blockaders etc ... obviously) with Stan Reed and William Rage (of the eternally brilliant Blue Sabbath Black Cheer). The other track is RR with Mike Gillham of Smell & Quim etc) and Allan Zane (who with Richard and Stan is part of the latest incarnation of Mixed Band Philanthropist but has his own shit sorted).

C40 released on Mr Rage's !MONDO ANTHEM! in 2019. There were 10 copies of this that came with a shortish dvdr ... nope, don't ask ... you'll make me cry.

Nihilist Assault Group Assemble!


Mjy,  2 September 2020 at 00:12  

Sweet jesus that Allen Zane stuff is wonderful. Thank you!

Double Dubz 2 September 2020 at 00:30  

WOW THXX!! I'd just recently pulled the "Aural Retribution" lp (Hospital) and "Planned Obsolescence" (w/BSBC) lp (Gnarled Forest), by coincidence...