Greh & Dom - Ramblings In the Abyss

Totally pointless waste of everybody's time. This is a ridiculous tape of Greh/Hive Mind and Dom/Prurient leaving voicemails on Phil Blankenship/The Cherry Point's answering machine. Why does it exist? Why am I bothering to share it with you? Why would you want to download it now?

Greh & Dom - Ramblings In the Abyss


lack 16 July 2020 at 17:36  

granted, you warned us, CLEARLY, but i listened anyway, and shockingly, thoroughly enjoyed. reasons yo.

Anonymous,  18 July 2020 at 13:47  

I thought I would never get to hear this, A real personal grail of a tape. All the years of anticipation and craving were well worth it even if it leaves one with more questions than answers(what is that tape Dom is talking about? just how sober was Greh when he left the messages? and the most important, exactly where was Phil when these messages were left for him?)
You're crazy for this one, blog.