EP-4 - Multilevel Holarchy

EP-4 were Kaoru Sato, Ko Sakuma, Tatsuo Kohki, Tohru Sanjo, Yuji Kawashima and Yung Tsubotaj.

They were briefly creating magic between 1983 and 1985 and apparently decided that changing the face of music wasn't interesting enough and they had better things to do. There was a brief reunion about ten years ago ... but really there should be statues of these people everywhere.

This is such an awesome recording and is vaguely indescribable. Post-punk low slung PIL, The Pop Group, Talking Heads when they were actually good, LA Barrio funk, A Certain Ratio and shit that won't be invented for another 30 years all brought together? Erm. Yes.

This was released originally on as an LP in Japan on Telegraph and Skating Pears in 1985. If ANYBODY out there is sitting on some Skating Pears releases then please please please etc etc etc.

This is the incredibly welcome CD reissue courtesy of Super Fuji Discs from 2010.

Multilevel Holarchy