PCRV + Armenia - Mundanismo Retóric

Matt Taggart and Leonardo Sabatto doing what they do extremely well.

It's a CDr released on Bizarre Audio Arts that won't appear on a typical search ...

Mundanismo Retóric


Leonardo Sabatto,  2 April 2020 at 22:17  

Im Leo Sabatto, I appreciate your interest in promoting our music, but I think we deserve some respect before you post it.
Please do not post anything before asking the artists.



badgerstump 3 April 2020 at 11:34  

Hi Leo

There was certainly no disrespect intended. I had tried to ask but the hotmail address just bounces back. Also, I'm not on tumbler or facebook and the BAA bandcamp page has disappeared recently so didn't know another way to get in touch. Do you want me to pull the links?

Apologies for any offense caused.

Anonymous,  20 April 2020 at 18:12  

very good.
and more armenia please!