Emil Beaulieau - Dedicated To Masami Akita

LLLord RRRon of LLLowell was one of very earliest Occidentals to realise the importance of the Japanese noise scene. I think that he was also the first person outside of Japan to release the works of Merzbow ... 抜刀隊 With Memorial Gadgets as a double LP in 1986 ... these people go back a long long way.

CDr released on RRR offshoot Pure in 1997.

Dedicated To Masami Akita


Anonymous,  13 April 2020 at 17:45  

There was a few Merzbow releases(solely cassettes, I think) done by non-Japanese labels before the RRR 2LP. The Grey Wolves did one on one of their countless labels, there's one on Cause And Effect, I think there was one on Le Syndicat too? Memorial Gadgets was certainly the first major "statement" album to be done outside of Japan though.

badgerstump 13 April 2020 at 18:03  

I'm glad that i put think in italics ... sometimes it's like nailing down fog or herding cats. Not tried the former but it can't be as difficult as the latter.

Thanks for the pointers ... i need to go and have a wander through those label archives because i'm one of those kind of nerd geek lovers not fighters that does a blog for ages ............

Connor Anderson 13 April 2020 at 21:57  

Thank you for uploading & posting your seemingly endless collection of fantastic music for so many years, Badgerstump.