Various - Eight

Even the most casual non-observer would know that me and The Good Lady Her Indoors™ always bend a reverent knee at the altar of John Olson and all that he surveys. A certified genius has given us an avalanche of American Tapes releases that we had never heard before (and that takes some doing). So basically I have done nothing else other than listen to the lot and very enjoyable it was too. Hopefully, they will start to appear here at some point. So, erm yeah, not posted for a while but it is nothing more sinister than I've been listening to a lot of great electronics. So without further ado ...

Dieter Müh, Jazzfinger, Britannia Anonymous Society (I can't shed any light on that at all but that side of the tape is very good ...), Cheapmachines, Nackt Insecten, Astral Social Club, Usurper and Romance.

It's a really rare quadruple C40 set jointly released on Harbinger Sound and Carnifex ‎in 2007.



Anonymous,  3 March 2020 at 15:40  

Welcome back!