The Residents - Live at the Snakey Wake

Download-only album from the band's moribund RSD (Robot Selling Device) label: "...Snakefinger died July 1st, 1987, while on tour. In August, The Residents as well as other San Francisco friends joined in a celebration of his life and music called The Snakey Wake. The group had not performed live without Snakefinger as a musical companion since 1983. The only way they saw to do so was to perform with the computer. They quickly developed a stylized sound to use for the short performance which is featured here. They felt uncertain about the performance enough that they have previously only released a studio version of that night. This is a recording of the actual live event. It is their first use of a computer for music and opened the door for CUBE E live and a world of recordings. It launched their new career with RYKO and the release of God in 3 Persons in 1988. In many ways this recording is the dividing line between the old Residents and the new Residents. This event forced the group to rethink their direction and plans. Joining the tribute at the end of The Residents section was a brief appearance by The Mysterious N. Senada, also included in this recording."

The Residents - Live at the Snakey Wake


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