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I've been meaning to post some Black Bombaim for a couple of years. My head either contains many ideas or nothing. Sometimes it happens at the same time and they cancel each other out.

Black Bombaim are a really great psychrock band from Portugal. This LP was released in 2010 (from memory, it was an edition of 500) on Lovers & Lollypops. I bought it at the time. It is a great piece of work...

Since the release sold out, the BB crew have put this up for free download on their Bandcamp page. I recommend you try to find the vinyl of this album. Anyway, I've linked you to the new 2xLP "Titan"'s around for download but...seriously...this band were made for vinyl.

...and here it is: Black Saturdays


In July, my favourite "pay attention you dick" blog / label Rocket Recordings told me that Gnod were touring Portugal and that on the 22nd of July, Gnod would be collaborating gig-wise with Black Bombaim at the Milhoes de Festa in Barcelos.

At least three things struck me in quick succession:

1. sweet lord, that is a masterstroke!

2. shit, I don't live anywhere near Portugal.

3. that will take me forever to try and find a bootleg of that.

Those thoughts made me sad!!!

Anway Part II

The always reliable Rocket pointed me in the direction of Cardinal Fuzz. These mighty people have not only recorded the collaboration but are about to release the beast. It's available for preorder this Monday (the 19th if you're late getting here) and that makes me feel quite damp!


Anonymous,  19 November 2012 at 12:04  

sometimes it's good to listen
pop music
(pop for deranged mind like ours)

Anonymous,  25 November 2012 at 10:09  

Thanx a lot!