Ore // KK Null - Archispirostreptus Gigas

Ore are the Birmingham-based drone doom tuba project of Stuart Estell and Sam Underwood.

Now drink that sentence in...

I was at Supersonic a couple of weeks ago where Ore played alongside Kazuyuki Kishino. The set started with Stuart and Sam playing drone tuba...it kind of reminded me of Coasters from the Lemon Kitten lp I posted a while ago...and after about 10 or 15 minutes, KK came back on stage to bring the noise whilst Ore brought the tone. One of the highlights of the festival!

This cdr was exclusively for sale at the festival in an edition of 100. It was undoubtedly hoovered up by speculators and cultural tourists and will shortly appear for a million dollars! Well, here it is for free!


Stuart Estell has been kind enough to get in touch. There are a few copies of this still available from here. You can also get the debut Ore full-length "Granolithic" from the same place. You can also visit here for the "Beyond Tree and Stone" digital EP.

Archispirostreptus Gigas


Stuart Estell 8 November 2012 at 16:16  

Thanks for your interest.

There are still some copies of this available at our webshop (20-ish as of 8.11.2012): http://shop.oretubadoom.com