Here we go again...

The day ends with a Y...therefore it's change of filehost day!

Mediafart appears to have become pretty unreliable from an upload perspective. In the past two weeks, both Static Fanatic and Enochian Tapestries have thought that their MF accounts have been suspended...but in speaking to the former, it wasn't the case and the downloads continued.

My suspicion is that there is either a concerted "legal" DNS attack on MF or they are getting twichy and making things difficult hoping people will leave or, well, shit happens and it's one of those temporary things.

Nevertheless, I can't upload shit! (Mind you, some will think that most of what I've posted is shit. Don't worry about it, tip me on the way out!)

I need to keep my enthusiasm going ... so... have been trying out the host that Tzomborgha has been using on Corrupted Delights. Downloading from there has always been hassle free (although upping is a bit weird). MF has always been excellent so I'm hoping this is a short term glitch...but it may actually be better not to have all of your eggs in one basket given these paranoid and oppressive times. It will be a bit mix and match for at least a while.

Please, no bleating about whether new filehosts are inconvenient for you as an individual. It activates my raging sarcasm gene ... and that makes my head hurt ... and then my cats tell me off for not talking to them in stupid made up voices ... and that makes me sad!


Plague 7 April 2012 at 01:50  

I don't know man, I can't seem to get it to work... "signing in" just hangs and it never goes anywhere...