Astromason / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

The good news is that this is a C75 tape released on the mighty Gnarled Forest last year.

The even better news is that Astromason is Hiroshi Hasegawa (who obviously gives you the Astro) and BSBC collaborator and all round nice guy Mason Jones (who obviously gives you the...ahh, you're ahead of me). BSBC also have the additional power of Crystal Perez as if Stan and Wm. weren't enough for you.

The bad news is that this was the 45th and final release on GF. Stan is hard at work (a likely story) and Mr Rage has recently become a father so there are plenty of other things to concentrate on! Although I mourn the death of a great label, BSBC are still active and there will be more to come...and I'll keep you posted...


And you can file this one under "because I can..." ...

Ptôse - Hand-made Electronics

Ptôse were/are a very influential French outfit that floated somewhere between The Normal and The Residents. Since I found out that there is a new addition to the Rage household, I can't get the first track of this 1983 tape out of my head!

Mr Rage used to stop by here ... if you still do, the first track is for you!

baby rage


Anonymous,  31 March 2012 at 00:28  

Astro + Perry Mason!? Wow, killer collab!

Krumbled Kookie 17 April 2012 at 21:02  

I didn't realize GF was done. That fucking sucks.

. 28 May 2012 at 16:01  

i do still pop in, tho it has been a while, yes.

thanks for the dedicated track post. :)

if Mason will get busy with it, there is a collaboration of BSBC & AstroMason that has been going back'n'forth for a while now. it's back in his hands again.... it'll be a c30. it will be very very noisy. it will be released on Destructive Industries.
good fun.

badgerstump 28 May 2012 at 16:21  

hahaha...glad you still pop in now and again...glad you liked your tune ;-)

man...Mason needs to pull his finger out...I need to buy that!

I need to put a post up with details of the recent DUC and BSBC releases as well...