Stimbox is the work of Tim Oliveira, and was one of the more established names in the American harsh noise scene. Oliveira was also the founder of the Hebi Like a Snake record label, and co-owner (with Bob Scott of Xome) of the Harsh Noise label. The Harshnoise label was active from 2002 through 2008. During those years, the label released some excellent (invitation only) harsh noise releases from some of the best artists in the field. Initially, it was operated by both Tim Oliveira (Stimbox) and Bob Scott (Xome) but eventually Tim took over the whole operation while Bob concentrated on other endeavors.

Stimbox's work is noted for its' dense, psychedelic harsh noise, usually made with closed feedback loops run through a huge range of effects pedals with a trademark blend of grating harsh and synthesized textures. There's a short mini-doc at the bottom...he can tell you better than I can.

Ages ago, somebody requested a Stimbox post. Didn't act on it at the time because I hadn't actually heard that much...but it was enough to set me off. Thanks, whoever you are. There are dozens of releases going back to the early 1990's...but they are really hard to get hold of and this is all I have. Tim seems to have folded his operations a couple of years ago. If anybody knows what he is up to these days give us a shout!

1996 - Stimbox - Recycled (cass) [rrrecords]
1996 - Stimbox & A.U.M. & Death Squad - Enjoy Happiness
1996 - Thirdorgan & Stimbox & Death Squad & Acerrimamente - Four Ways Of Penetration [bizarre audio arts]
1997 - Disposable & Stimbox - Commitee-For-Public Safety (C60) [hebi like a snake]
1997 - Stimbox - Meltdown (C46) [spite]
1997 - Stimbox - Powerrr Dump (C90) [labyrinth]
1998 - Stimbox - Caveat Emptor [solipsism]
1998 - Stimbox - Patrick Purdy (7'') [self abuse records]
2002 - Stimbox - Impulse [sewer records]
2002 - Stimbox - Lupus Tuberculoso [tabula rasa]
2003 - Stimbox - Bogul Bogul [hebi like a snake]
2003 - Stimbox & Armenia - Split (cdr) [bizarre audio arts]
2004 - Stimbox - Inner Turmoil [fargone records]
2004 - Stimbox & The Cherry Point - Split (C20) [troniks]
2004 - Xome & Stimbox - Split [negatron heavy industries]
2005 - Torturing Nurse & Stimbox - Cowfish Plus Vermilion [shasha records]
2006 - Stimbox & Ronez & Lasse Marhaug - 3-Way Split [doufu records]


per23,  5 August 2010 at 11:57  

Nice work indeed!!! Thanks for everything. Any chances on posting Oneohtrix Point Never discography? Would be appreciated. Keep on :-)

warman.of.mars 5 August 2010 at 12:42  

ammm... 2006 - Stimbox - Between Eugene And Victoria not worked link...

badgerstump 5 August 2010 at 18:40  

@warman: Eugene And Victoria reupped and should work fine now (have downloaded the new one a couple of times and seems to be OK). Thanks for letting me know.

@per23: OPN is a damn fine shout...have a load, will see what can be done!

Anonymous,  12 October 2010 at 13:35  

damn, man.
this stuff is wonderful.
i can't understand why they
ain't "famous" as other
harsh noise bands do.
they're incredible. their sound relly
shook me all nite long.
we must pump them aloud.