The Broken Penis Orchestra

This is the post that, without a doubt, gives me the most pleasure to give to y'all! Dick Flick is the pseudonymous main brain behind the crazed kalaidoscopic world of the BPO. Hailing from Seattle, he is regularly joined by various incognito waifs and strays (especially live) to create delirious, crazed, perverted and sacriligious soundscapes.

Imagine a cartoon cut-up assault filled with rapid-fire samples, vertiginous switchback edits, lightning bolts of noise, loops spun inwards, outwards and upside down, and gratuitous FX abuse. Imagine Uncle Meat/Lumpy Gravy style Zappa/Mothers Of Invention, harsh electronics, porn flicks, televangilists, sex instruction manuals and public information docs shredded and turned inside out. Got it? You're not even close! I listen to BPO a lot. I find myself laughing my face off or dancing around the room or curled up in a corner, gently rocking, trying to convince myself "everything is gonna be OK". And that can be during just one track. It's a wildly ecstatic and nauseating ride!

It's live where the true hypnotic and hallucinatory genius works best of all. Check the dvdr that comes with Fuck Rockin' In American Airspace. The video cut-up meshes with the sound collage perfectly. And, check the 6 man "Fear God" dance troupe towards the end ( read that right). Absolutely hilarious!

Special thanks to Herr Flick for getting me into this in the first place a good while ago. And for ocassionally sending me the odd tape and vinyl treat. But especially for being so enthusiastic about me posting this. He's a good human! They definately put some crazy drugs in the water in Seattle...I wish I lived in Seattle!

2003 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - 3 Inch Dick (3'' cdr) [psychochrist productions]
2004 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Oral Copulation (3'' cdr) [psychochrist productions]
2004 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Organ Failure (7'') [hypnagogia]
2004 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Plays With Itself [hypnagogia]
2004 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Testicle Difficulties [psychochrist productions]
2006 - Crank Sturgeon & The Broken Penis Orchestra - Split (C20) [psychform records]
2006 - Nurse With Wound & The Broken Penis Orchestra - Natal Moonies [united jnana]
2006 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Live @ The Electric Heavyland (R.I.P.) (04-15-06)
2006 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Psychedelic Sex Show (C40) [enterruption]
2006 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Vienna Sausage (3'' cdr) [psychochrist productions]
2006 - The Broken Penis Orchestra & At Jennie Richie - Split (2xC1) [psychform records]
2008 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - ...Sex & Drugs &... (C20) [enterruption]
2009 - Dick Flick - Cocktales From The Cutting Room Floor, Volume I... (C40) [soccer mom ebonics]
2009 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Fuck Rockin' In American Airspace [debacle records] cdr dvdr
2009 - The Broken Penis Orchestra - Live @ Debacle Fest, Seattle (09-26-09)


Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 20:05  

Looks interesting, definitely have to check this out. Thanks for posting this!