Hair Stylistics - Red Hair From Hell

We've all met them.

Another self-released CDr from 2018.

Red Hair From Hell


Crank Sturgeon - Gonna Have A Whole Hand In The Platter

Welcome to the always deliriously inventive world of the Crank Sturgeon!

C22 released on Anti-Everything in 2008.

he's got the whole world in his platter


Emil Beaulieau - That Velvet Touch

Ruined loops and pitched penetration on this 7" from RRRecords in 1986.

That Velvet Touch


Hair Stylistics - Babylon Zimbabwe

Another magical missive from Masaya that is not on Bandcamp and isn't listed on Discogs.

A self-released / Boid CDr from 2018.

Babylon Zimbabwe


The Rita / PCRV - They Can Breathe In The Murky Fresh Water

Two people who you should all be familiar with already doing what you should already know they do brilliantly.

C60 released on Dada Drumming in 2005.

feeding time


Emil Beaulieau - Abusing The Little Ones

This is Lord Lessard Of Lowell using some of the legendary Murder Series themed 7"s that were released on Self Abuse Records in 1997. Unsurprisingly, it's very good.

Originally an LP released on Self Abuse Records in 2003, this is the CDr reissue courtesy of Nefarious Activities a decade later.

Just face the truth or fund the farse ...


Hair Stylistics - 200

I think it's fair to say that Masaya Nakahara (along with John Olson) is our exemplar of meaningful creativity. An apparently ceaseless stream of releases where the themes might change but the quality almost never drops below brilliant ... and even a perceived lowering of the standard is a very personal decision that is wide open to criticism. We know that he regularly records a whole bunch of CDrs and walks into his local record stores and hands them over for sale. This means three things: there are huge holes in his discography because we don't know him; we don't work behind those record counters so never get the chance; we can't afford the prices that the same scalpers offer them up for on discogs.

Slightly confusingly, he has two bandcamp pages going ... this one sort of stopped but then a different one appeared recently that offers up an avalanche of recent savant imaginings.

If I ever find any of those missing pieces of the Hair Stylistics puzzle then I will share at every opportunity until I drop dead.

This is a self-released / Boid CDr from 2017 that isn't on discogs and isn't on bandcamp or apparently anywhere else ... in the world.

fantastic day


Pop Culture Rape Victim / Crank Sturgeon - Abe Lincoln Towncar

My two favourite Matt's in the world together on one tape. Trust me, not everyone with a metal colander for a helmet is a genius but one of them definitely is.

A C96 jointly self-released in 2005 in an edition of 71.

Abe Lincoln Towncar


Deutsche Anarchisten Taumeln Benommen Einen Schritt Zur Seite ‎- Jubiläumsplatte

A strange double 7" was released in 2003 in a run of 200 copies by Kernkach, a label that started out doing collector-bait small-run vinyl editions of music from ultra-obscure German synth-pop cassettes (the sort posted regularly by the indispensable Tape Attack blog). The label did a very nice series of compilation 7"s called "2 Hemden und 2 Hosen" and some worthwhile reissues of material by Fröhliche Eiszeit, Sütterlin, Ich, Kunstler Treu & Hoffnung & Psyche before turning their attention to contemporary German bands influenced by the oldsters' style.

This double single by Deutsche Anarchisten Taumeln Benommen Einen Schritt Zur Seite seems to contain one 7" of mid-80s music and one of the duo's more recent recordings, but I'm not entirely sure. If anyone out there can read German and divine more information from the liner notes, kindly enlighten us in the comments. Meanwhile, fans of DAF (RIP Gabi Delgado-Lopez...), Liaisons Dangerouses or Alu will enjoy this strange little artifact.

Deutsche Anarchisten Taumeln Benommen Einen Schritt Zur Seite ‎- Jubiläumsplatte


PCRV + Armenia - Mundanismo Retóric

Matt Taggart and Leonardo Sabatto doing what they do extremely well.

It's a CDr released on Bizarre Audio Arts that won't appear on a typical search ...

Mundanismo Retóric


Armenia / Crack Fierce - Split

... and without further ado:

C60 that was jointly released on Bizarre Audio Arts and United Syndicate in 1997.

Armenia / Crack Fierce


Noise-Maker's Fifes - Soirée Dansante

This self-published CD came out in 1995 It documents the group's soundtrack to a dance performance. The great Adam Bohman, of Morphogenesis and Bohman Brothers, guests on a couple of tracks.

Noise-Maker's Fifes - Soirée Dansante


Molester - Our Kids, Our Business

Molester is the work of Hitoshi Imura. On this release you get "dirty voice with harsh noise & power electronics using analog electronics and some bizarre equipments". It's very enjoyable. He ran the apparently short-lived Chi Omega Institute label that put out some great things ... including a split with Cracksteel that I have never found and is one of those holy grail type things for me. He seems to have just got on with real life (whatever that is) but he still occupies an alcove inside my brain.

CDr released on Chi Omega Institute in 2008.

... and I will stay with you until you die ...


The Plague Bells - Hyfrydols One

Ding. Dong.

A CDr released on American Tapes in 2004 ... it's AM349 btw.

Hyfrydols One


The Plague Bells - Hydrofils Two

John Olson only recorded twice under The Plague Bells name. Eventually it was bound to become prescient ... unless he knew something? No obviously not, it's just another completely singular and brilliant insight into his velvety interior

CDr released on American Tapes in 2004 ... it's AM 361 btw.

Hydrofils Two


Henry & Hazel Slaughter - Demo

Another demo? Yes, sort of ... it's the same as Demos A except for the first track that is 16 minutes of self-styled primitive techno that is well worth having on its own.

CDr released on American Tapes in 2011 ... it's AM903 btw.



Noise-Maker's Fifes - Legnica

Another archival recording, "Legnica" contained a live recording of the group from 1997. It was released in 2006 as a CDR in an elaborate aluminum foil package by the Polish label Impulsy Stetoskopyu.

Noise-Maker's Fifes - Legnica


Noise-Maker's Fifes - Cruelty Has A Human Heart & Marumares

Noise-Maker's Fifes were a Belgian multi-media group that existed from 1990 until 2006, when founding member Geert Feyton died. Three members of band continued as Onde, including Timo Van Luijk (aka Af Ursin) who also collaborates with Christoph Heemann (as In Camera), Andrew Chalk (as Elodie) and Raymond Dijkstra (with Asra). This CD collects two early NMT works. The first came out on cassette in 1994 and the second is an exclusive collage of material from 1993 and the soundtrack to a dance performance.

Noise-Maker's Fifes - Cruelty Has A Human Heart & Marumares


H & H Slaughter - Live Frying: Demos A

Sorry, given that I am utterly predictable, no prizes for guessing this was next.

It is still tour mersh on American Tapes but for the sake of variety it's 2011 this time around.

Demos A


H & H Slaughter - Live Frying: Demos B

... and back in the real world. Genius is what genius does.

It is still tour mersh on American Tapes from 2012.

Demos B