Killer Bong - Hamburger Dub

Everybody needs more Killer Bong in their life!

"Killer Bong is a Tokyo native rapper, music producer and performing artist. A mysterious figure who never reveals his face or personal details, but widely known within the underground music scene across the country as the founder of a legendary, now inactive, hip hop group Think Tank, as well as Black Smoker Records, a record label he started around the beginning of his career.

The label has been introducing some of the most unconventional and groundbreaking music (mostly from Japan) through a constant output of over 250 titles to date. His performance incorporates an MPC, a microphone and a Kaoss Pad, and is mostly improvisational if not entirely. He has learned to master these basic tools and the use of his voice over his long, persistent career, and developed to apply it to vastly different styles. He actively collaborates with all kinds of performing artists including jazz improvisers and noise artists."

... and it's always good to know that the balaclava lives on outside the Blockader / Nihilist Assault Group universe:

C92 released in Japan on Black Smoker Records in 2003.



kingpossum,  16 January 2024 at 18:47  

Mongo bongo this is killer indeed. Did The Heroine Sheiks stumble through the door to collab on this one? Just curious.

Gratitude and fond regards always.

badgerstump 16 January 2024 at 19:43  

... only on a spiritually injured purple hazed accidental basis maybe

i reckoned you would get this and it makes me very happy that you are the first comment here ... i have a lot of his related work and Black Smoker label releases if they boat your float

there is a Lord Puff tape that springs to mind ... same person and similarly warped ...

kingpossum,  17 January 2024 at 22:27  

Yippy trippy. Boat does float. Blessings and cheers to you both.