Nervous Corps - Dead System II

23 blurts of hardcore / grindcore wall noise from Mr Rage ... very entertaining.

CDr on William Rage's !MONDO ANTHEM! in 2019 in an edition of 16. It's not MP3.

Dead System II


Corpse Candle - Radio Telepathy

A wonderful set of sci-fi horror noise on what thruned out to be one of Robert Meldrum's final recordings.

C86 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2013. It's not MP3.

Radio Telepathy


An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - Cold Metal Table / Stained In Red

Richard Ramirez & Cristiano Renzoni doing what they do very well indeed!

C60 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2014 in an edition of 16. It's not MP3.

Cold Metal Table / Stained In Red


Burial Ground - Road Games

Fierce horror film themed wall noise. You know it makes sense.

C92 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2014. It's not MP3.




Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Electric Heavyland RIP

Electric Heavyland was the record store ran by Mr and Mrs Rage and the place where Mr Rage and Mr Reed first rehearsed as BSBC. This was recorded to mark the store's passing ...

3" CDr released on Mike Finklea's (aka Striation's) Nefarious Activities in May 2020 in an edition of 50. It's not MP3.



Dead Machines + Withdrawal Method - Withdrawn Dead

This is a live in-store recording at Electric Heavyland. A lively affair especially considering Withdrawal Method's equipment caught fire (and not in an entertaining Crazy World Of Arthur Brown stylee). It was initially planned for release as an LP but for some random reason, the mastering on Side B sounded awful. So, whaddya do? Deface / improve Side B rendering it unplayable and put the collaborative track on a CDr. Obviously.

A necessarily single-sided LP with (surprise) a CDr released on Enterruption in 2006 in a sprightly edition of 62. It's not MP3.

Withdrawn Dead


Burial Ground - The Return Of The Living Dead

Don't worry, it's not them!

I just want to spend a little part of my life acknowledging all of the anon shamen who waste their time thinking I give one single shiny shit about their wannabe troll superstar efforts. So, well done you.

This is the broiling harsh noise work of Anthony Shaw. If you've been here for a while, you know I love him in a large way! Apparently, it's the best way. Punchlines on a postcard.

It's a C84 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2013. There were 16 of these.

It is MP3.




Liberation Day!

Fight them every day in every way!

Fuck All Of His Apologists And Enablers

Now here's a proud boogaloo boy I'm fully on board with!

Fuck Nazi Line Dancers

Sorry ... nearly forgot.

Fuck Nexist!


Werewolf Jerusalem - And Hell Followed

Sometimes, it's slightly inconvenient to be an atheist. Take this for instance: if I believed in social control fairy tales then my Satan would be a Palestinian demonically spit-roasting the shitty little career narcissist. I do gain feelings of great hope when picturing the image but imagine if I believed it on an existential basis? I would be kneeling whilst laughing my face of at the impending juggernaut of "fake justice" smashing the crime syndicate. So erm yeah ... it's just the kneeling thing I'm missing out on? Way to go atheism!

A C60 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2014. A traditional edition of 16 that is not MP3.

Bar-B-Q Trump


Black Leather Jesus - A Prized Assfuck

Now the thought of a Black Texan Jesus dressed in Leather raining righteous punishment down upon the ass of The Filth Pig pleases me greatly. I have to admit that the prescience of our intrepid band of noise mongers is also a thing of splendour. To name the tape after The Filth Pig's new nickname as he makes the seamless transition from the White House to the Big House seven years before it will happen? Bravo!

On this recording, our forceful disciplinarians are: Sean E. Matzus, Vanessa Gates, Tanner Garza, Richard Ramirez, Thomas Mortigan, Joseph Gates, Zach Guttowsky, Carol Sandin, and Austin Caustic. Yeah, I know.

A C60 released on Meaning Corrupted in an edition of 16 in 2014. It's not MP3.

Even Though Trump is Fucked

Fuck Trump!


An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter - It Kills And Devours The Male

The reaction of Malaria in one days time when she finally realises that it wasn't his real hair after all and she is entitled to half of his wealth in the divorce settlement. Yes, the final reckoning when she contemplates selling her soul for 50% of nothing.

Richard Ramirez building walls that the orange Emporer could only dream of on this double C92 set released on Meaning Corrupted in 2013. It's not MP3.

The irony of an orange white supremacist is lost on them.

I guess that's the state of American education these days.

Oh yeah, before I forget ... Fuck Trump and his Space Force!


Dried Up Corpse - Waterfall

I fully intended to spend January posting only free jazz but the filthy ankle of harsh noise has turned my gaze. So, things are going to get consistently loud for a while!

This is Stan Reed who amongst a plethora (geddit) of great things records as The Broken Penis Orchestra and was a member of the uplifting and crushing Blue Sabbath Black Cheer.

A C90 released on Meaning Corrupted in 2013. This isn't MP3 ... it's a 16-bit flac of the tape. Any issues with that, please advise your therapist.

Fuck Trump And His Russian Golden Showers


Keiji Haino + Masataka Fujikake Duo - Hard Wo Nanjujo Sasetara Hikarino Tsuboga Furisosogunoka?

Preamble. Postamble.

CD released on Fulldesign Records in 2015. It's not MP3.

Fuck Trump Hard


Haino Keiji Fujikake Masataka Duo - May The Alphabet Disappear

So, you put a guitarist and a drummer together ... and then you wonder if it is any good.

CD released on Fulldesign Records in 2009.

Fuck Trump


Filthy Fecal Mutants - Untitled

You know those make believe superhero movies where random unrelated cos-play perverts band together to save the Earth? Well, this is the noise equivalent. If you can't guess, it's Darren Wyngarde (Filthy Turd), Nicola Vinciguerra (Fecalove) and George Proctor (Mutant Ape). A comment on the Dolls? An accurate description of me and Mrs Inside? You lot? Well, in the 2021 spirit of global harmony ... it's all of us. To paraphrase the chimp spanker: "We are the Turd. We are the future!".

A CDr courtesy of Smell The Stench from 2006.

Fuck Fecal Presidents


Sylvain Mizrahi

So good they named him twice.

R.I.P. Sylvain Sylvain.

Fuck Cancer


Frank Lowe & Eugene Chadbourne - Don't Punk Out

Now, here's an existential series of questions. You are listening to this, would it make you think ...

A: "praise be for all of my misguided youth that I spent taking drugs because now I understand"

B: "this is why they told me to stop taking drugs and now I get it"

C: "fucking hell, it's Frank Lowe & Eugene Chadbourne"

D: "did somebody mention drugs?"

E: all of the above.

Originally released as an LP on QED Records in 1979. This is the CD reissue from Emanem in 2000. It's not MP3.

Fuck Trump


Alan Silva / Kidd Jordan / William Parker - Emancipation Suite #1

"Recorded in live performance at the Vision Festival, St. Nicholas of Myra Church, New York City on May 29, 1999. This composition is dedicated to the Vision Festival, to Sun Ra, George Russell and Leon Theremin."

You don't need an intro to these poeple but surely to god there is a full scale uncredited orchestra ... is that really a backing track? You know when you bought 200 Motels and took it home and thought what the fuck have I done on the first listen? Well, this is all of the good bits but with extra depth. It's a sound so large it could easily fill an empty world. I hope there aren't loads of people who have rocked up thinking this is a jazz blog because I'm going to piss on a lot of chips when I go back to murky analogue noise.

I think I semi-faked sincerity there ... I guess I nearly have it made.

A CD released on Boxholder Records in 2002. It's not MP3.

Fuck Trump


Manherringbone - To Understand More

CDR released on the artist's IBOL label in 2002.  

Manherringbone - To Understand More


Rashied Ali / Le Roy Jenkins Duo - Swift Are The Winds Of Life

This is pretty much as free as jazz gets: Rashied Ali on drums and Le Roy Jenkins on violin. No more ingredients needed.

Another classy remastered reissue courtesy of Knit Classics and Survival Records from 1999. It's not MP3.

Fuck Trump