Shoji Hano & Munehiro Narita - Kyoaku No Intention

This one is confusing. Jazz/rock drummer Shoji Hano and High Rise guitar shredder Munehiro Narita have played together as a free-rock-jazz duo called Kyoaku No Intention since the 1990s. They have several (probably grey area) cassettes on the La Musica label under the name. But for their debut live-in-the-studio 2001 CD on the mighty PSF label, the album is called "Kyoaku No Intention" and its credited to the artists' names. What does it mean? Nothing? Something? Does it matter?

Shoji Hano & Munehiro Narita - Kyoaku No Intention


Bastro - Diablo Guapo

A year later, Roland was replaced by an actual drummer ... John McEntire who frankly is a proper legend. He left My Dad Is Dead to join Bastro ffs ... I'm really hoping to pull all of these threads together at the end. Anyway, John (being a human and all that, with arms and legs and other moveable parts) adds a massive propulsive force and a subtle counterpoint to the release ... that has never seen the light of day since. To save you some time, I certainly don't count the half-arsed Drag City CD from 2005 that combined this with the Sing release ... it didn't have all of the tracks included ... apart from kerching, what is the point in that? Yeah, no point at all ... "fun fact" again ... on 'Flesh-Colored House', William Bennett (has no dick) plays the drill (although I think that might be an in-joke, it sounds like guitar string being abused). Just fact ... the drummer on the final track "Shoot Me A Deer" is Britt Walford who was in Squirrel Bait and later Slint. Nobody is credited on the 7" I posted so it seems fair to assume that he was the drummer on that single. There is some marvelous trumpet abuse on Guapo ... no idea if it's the same horn abusers as on the previous example.

Released on Homestead Records in 1989. I bought the LP ... and then the CD ... this is the CD.

Genius. Simple.


Trumans Water - Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox & Ass

I'm not expecting this to work for anybody else but ... the opening track "Aroma Of Gina Arnold" starts off as though Sonic Youth played Pacific Coast Highway and Xpressway to Yr Skull at the same time and that was a normal thing to do ... and then it launches into a different universe if it wasn't there already. I know loads of things and I'm right more than 100% of the time (obviously) so that means I'm pretty sure it was the Spasm Smash tour that I saw them at the Boardwalk in Manchester. I would be astonished if there were more than 30 of us there. Apart from the joy of dancing to Rations whilst being really fucked up (if you understand my nancy reagan) my favourite flashback was when Ely Moyal split a drum stick half way down (I don't even know how you do that) and he threw it into the non-existent crowd. This absolute fucking hero got there before me and bent it just enough to wear it like antennae and danced for the rest of the gig with the clear intent of dislocating every joint in his body.

They are one of the high points of Western civilisation.

I am not worthy of Trumans Water and neither are you.

A double LP released on Elemental Records in 1993 with a CD version two years later. Naturally I bought both of them at the time.

C'mon get in the car, we're gonna kill the California girls.


Bastro - Rode Hard And Put Up Wet

David Grubbs (guitar) and Clark Johnson (bass) left the melodic hardcore of Squirrel Bait, programmed a drum Machine and really went for it. There are inevitable comparisons to Big Black but this was an entirely different troubled beast. A "fun fact" is that on 'Counterrev: Bhutan' the Bhutanese horn is played (badly) by David Sims (who was also in Scratch Acid, The Jesus Lizard and Rapeman) and Don Moist (yep, the way hap Steve Albini ... who also handled the recording for this release).

Mini-LP released on Homestead Records in 1988 and criminally never to see the light of day again.

Rode Hard And Put Up Wet


Bastro - Shoot Me A Deer

Bastro should have been the biggest band on the planet. Luckily for them, they walked away from recording Goo and keeping us all waiting for another 12 years before releasing anything reminiscent of the majesty. Joke's aside, they are immense. The B-side was never released anywhere else as far as I know, and was co-written by Mark Robinson (who was in the magnificent Unrest and ran the equally great Teenbeat label ... both of which could not be further away from Bastro).

7" released on Homestead Records in 1989 as a precursor to the second LP.

Shoot Me


Cows - Chow

There is so much music that was lost when the (then) newly expanded American distribution networks got swamped by charlatans, A&R arseholes and corporate whores who dumped people into a legal netherworld where bands no longer owned their own music and it could never be re-released. There are so many out there whose masterpieces never got past the initial vinyl release and Cows were one of those. Until recently. I was going to post the Cows albums that had effectively disappeared but then realised that Amphetamine Reptile have made them available as $5 CDs over the past couple of years. So, here's the first five 7"s instead.

7" released on Treehouse Records in 1988.



Cows - Slap Back

7" released on Amphetamine Reptile Records in 1990.

Slap Back


Cows - Plowed

This was released as a 7" on Amphetamine Reptile Records in 1992. This is the extended CD ep that includes the spectacularly unhinged "I Love You" ... not that there is much evidence of hinges on the other three tracks.



Cows - Woman Inside

Excellent bovine noise-rock with the B-side being a cover of "Theme From Midnight Cowboy" with a hovering guitar covering the harmonica part.

7" released on Insipid Vinyl in 1992.

Woman Inside


Cows - Cow Island

The B-side is a less manicured cover of the 1960 Slim Gailliard song. I want the Cows version playing as they push my carcass into the flames. A fitting way to end!

7" released on Amphetamine Reptile Records in 1994.

Cow Island


Life really is still worth living!

bad things can kiss my arse


Rezniček - Stube

Weird industrial ambience by a German artist called Günter Reznicek, released as a CD by Odd Size Records in 1996. The label was affiliated with a Paris record shop of the same name and released a small number of very interesting and obscure albums. I'll post some of them here.

Rezniček - Stube


More Fiends - Yo Asphalt Head

I bought this 30 years ago on the strength of one of those tiny reviews in Sounds on page 40 something (where all of the weird shit got about 100 words). Whatever I read was good enough for me. I can't tell you what that was because I used to have a stack of Sounds at least 4ft tall. Then suddenly felines decided that I was advanced enough for them to consider me an appropriate human servant. At that point I had no concept of a scratching post. Push and The Kitten Helmet soon taught me what was involved and destroyed the lot. I'm kind of glad about that now because I would have gone back and quoted it in full. Thanks therapist, that was useful.

So what the fuck is going on here? Everything and nothing basically. A collection of people from Philly making weird shit under various pseudonyms (the drummer was in Brutal Truth after this but that is all I know). It won't change your life but it might cheer you up for a short while and then remind you that valley girls are meant to be avoided at all costs.

Provided to me by Anaconda Records in 1990.

metal chair?!


Bomb - Lucy In The Sky With Desi

Firstly, if you get the Lucille Ball reference then congratulations for still being alive.

As distribution networks began to strengthen In Europe during the late '80s, you started to get things like this... American freakrock bands with a few releases in the US given conveniently curated compilations for the European market. Bomb were a great band from San Francisco who were around between 87 and 90. There was an album in 1992 but this coincided with the time that the corporates realised that there might be money to be made in "shit the weird kids listened to" and started hoovering bands up looking for cows to milk. By this time, Bomb were done and angel-dusted ... a great ride whilst it lasted. Plenty more from them if this tickles your trout ...

I bought the LP released on Tupelo Recording Company in 1990. This is the CD from the same year that has five extra tracks.

the girl that i miss is just me in a dress. sometimes i wish that i had a trans-sister


Pol - Transomuba

Short-lived but really enjoyable ambient dub post-rock trio featuring C-Schulz and Marcus Schmickler with one other guy who hasn't done much else. If you liked the Schmickler pop album from yesterday, you'll like this too. Released on CD by Odd Size Records in 1994.

Pol - Transomuba


God Bullies - Join Satan's Army

I while ago when I was posting some Princess Dragon-Mom / Time Stereo stuff and there was a The Dragon-God project that I assumed was a PDM offshoot. Somebody dropped a comment a couple of days ago clarifying that it was members of PDM and fellow Michigan noise-rock outcasts God Bullies (which once said makes perfect sense ... I've still not heard them though!). At first hearing you will think that I have lost my mind posting such "traditional rawk geetar" ... but then you look at the left hand of Satan on the cover and the cornball but twisted lyrics and the nonsense but perfect backwards sections wishing for a Judas Priest trial ... not convinced?

OK. Let's try again. It includes a cover of Link Wray's Preacher Man (with added televangelist give me your money bullshit), Which Way You Goin' Billy? by The Poppy Family (which featured Terry Jacks ... yeah, the Seasons In The Sun bloke) and turn it into the torch song of a frustrated paedophile stalker. However, the best is third ... a cover of Hot Chocolate's You Sexy Thing? Fucking genius!

I've been thinking of posting loads of 30+ year old weird rock shit that I have that nobody that I ever knew appreciated in any way. I started to wonder how that would go down but then I remembered that this is Bleak Bliss and we never really gave a shit in the first place.

Double 7" released on Amphetamine Reptile Records in 1990.

your country doesn't need you


Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Crazy Subjugated Astronauts

This appeared briefly last night before I realised that it was the wrong file for this tape. So if you grabbed it yesterday, delete and replace. Satan knows there's enough misinformation out there without me adding to it ... sorry about that.

... and now the end is near! Or is it? First off I don't have the Cosmic Invocation #1 single but this compilation tape also offers the suggestion that there might be even more out there. The inner cover of the tape makes explicit reference to the contents of the tape coming from the Apollo 666 tape and from the "Satan, Yuri and You" tape. A tape? I only know it as a two track 7". The truth might be in the track "Serious Business" that otherwise only appears on the Cape Cannibal compilation and is credited to the "Yuri" tape. So there must be (at least) a "Yuri" tape right? There was also a longer version of this that has four additional tracks by Shaman Brain (yep, no idea but Phil Todd has put his name next to it on Discogs and that makes it true).

So, what the fuck is going on? Is there more Cosmonaut activity out there that we really need to know about?

Whilst you're here, I've also re-upped Cape Cannibal Skull Island Apocalypse, the Hellraiser 7" and the Grunt split.

C60 released on Joukkomurha Tapes in 1993.

i'm crazy for trying, i'm crazy for loving satan


Marcus Schmickler - Onea Gako

A quite early album by Schmickler, containing some of the poppiest music he's done. You can hear his debt to bands like Can here. It's on heavy rotation at our house. Released on CD by Odd Size Records in 1994.

Marcus Schmickler - Onea Gako


Kontakta - Untitled

Only extant document of a six-member supergroup from Koln, Germany, comprised on Marcus Schmickler, Frank Dommert (who ran the Sonig label), Georg Odijk (who ran the A-Musik label), C-Schulz (whose wonderful & mysterious music is the definition of "under rated"), Inde du Nord (aka Hans-Jürgen Schunk who also recorded as PFN and Hajsch, whose albums you really ought to go hear now), and Monika Westphal (a frequent collaborator of C-Schulz and Schunk). Released as a CD by Odd Size Records in 1994.

Kontakta - Untitled


Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Mortuary Sorcery

Disconcerting synth squelch leads into a carnival of chaos (that inexplicably reminds me of Alejandro Jodorowsky's Santa Sangre) and then all of them and all of the instruments ever made fall down several flights of stairs. Perfect!

7" released on Suggestion Records in 1996.

Mortuary Sorcery