K2 / Jalopaz - K2 / Jalopaz

Jalopaz is the work of Alex Yusimov who was in the genius whatthefuckcore outfit The Locust. That's information right there.

7" released on Leg Meat in 1996.

K2 / Jalopaz


K2 - Anybody Can't Catch Up With This

Half an hour of good old junk metal abuse.

10" released on Ant-Zen in 1997.

Catch Up


K2 - Iron Kulture

7" released on Patrick O'Neil's Self Abuse Records ‎in 1996. There were some copies of this bundled in with the Destruction For Model Citizens tape (that I have never heard ‎... please help out with that if you can!).

Iron Kulture


K2 - Renal Ekonomix

When I first started with this very brief little blogging lark (who knew?), I started off doing discog style posts and it quickly became clear that it was a bad idea and was effectively just a link dump. Those links have been dead for a very very long time so I am going to gradually plunder some of those as I'm assuming some of it will be new to some people. It won't be new to Caligari because he/she has been with us for practically the entire journey. Saluti!

Anyway ...

7" released on Praxis Dr. Bearmann in 1996.

Renal Ekonomix


Various - Moonlanding Vol. 1 / 2

The Haters, Zipper Spy, John Wiese, Cory Ronnau, Spastic Colon, Aube, MSBR, Bastard Noise and Thurston Moore.

7" released on John Wiese's Helicopter in 2000.

Vol. 1 / 2

The prevailing narrative is one of human progression ... not everyone entirely shares that point of view. Maybe they should all just be sent back where they came from.


Various - Moonlanding Vol. 3 / 4

Mason Jones, K2, Sissy Spacek, K.K. Null, Panicsville, Disc, Darin Gray and Jetstream Panic.

7" released on John Wiese's Helicopter in 2000.

Moonlanding Vol. 3 / 4


Various - Sexorama - An International Industrial / Noise Compilation

It's never a gentleman dining out is it?

I thought that I had posted this years ago but apparently not. Four volumes (but five tapes) of quality industrial / noise from pillars within the scene that were released in Japan by Masami Akita on his ZSF Produckt between 1984 and 1986. Luckily, they were gathered into a single set by RRRon on his Statutory Tape imprint in 1992. As for who's here, it's easier to just look.




K2 - Pathosonico Anatomico

Recently, I've been listening to this again and again and have been surprised by how organic it is (in terms of real instruments) compared to the second coming of the junk metal meister. Frankly, I think it's been time very well spent. I posted this in a bit of a rush about nine years ago and didn't split the tapes but now I have. Not sure why somebody listed Side E as a three track on discogs, even when you take it down to a thousandth of a second (and I have), it's a single track. Just saying.

Five C40ish tapes released on RRRon's Statutory Tape in 1999.

Pathosonico Anatomico


K2 / PD / [ISOFC] - Haiwian Eye Melt Down

Your favourite kinky music institution joins forces with Prick Decay on one side and (In Spite Of Flaming Creatures) on the other.

7" jointly released on Spite and Kinky Musik Institute in 1999.

Haiwian Eye Melt Down


Stahlnetz / Incapacitants - Gruenkreuz

Stahlnetz were a German power electronics unit. They appear to have recorded very little and I know even less about them.

7" released on Campaign Org. in 1995.



Incapacitants / JunkDrome - Quo Warranto / Channelling Through Transparent Planes

JunkDrome were Mikko Aspa and Toni Eiskonen pulling off some fine noise-rock moves ... think Godflesh with a Pussy Galore swagger and a little bit of a Drive Like Jehu duck and swerve. As far as I can tell, this is their only recorded output. That's a damn shame because it really pushes my buttons.

10" released on Mikko's Freak Animal Records in 1997.

Quo Planes


Incapacitants / Macronympha - I Hate Derivatives / Wet Panty Contest

Stellar (sorry) 7" released on Mother Savage Noise Productions way back in 1995.

They also had a split C60 released on Bizarre Audio Arts last year that appears to still be for sale? What's wrong with people these days?

Hate Contest


Incapacitants - Sarin Will Kill Every Bad Aum !!!

A 7" middle finger to the terror cult released on the excellent and frequently surprising Dirter Promotions in 1995.

Bad Aum


Incapacitants - Alcoholic Speculation

It always seems like a good idea at the time.

7" released on Zabriskie Point in 1995.

Alcoholic Speculation


Incapacitants / K2 - We Are All Stupid

It's true. You are not worthy and neither am I. Two fifteen minute "solo" pieces followed by a monumental 34 minute collaborative live assault.

CDr released on absurd in 1998.

We Are All Stupid


Black Leather Jesus / Incapacitants - A Purpose Not Necessary

Kevin Novak, Richard Ramirez, Sean Matzus, Vance Osborne, Fumio Kosakai and Toshiji Mikawa setting fire to your head.

CD released on Dada Drumming in 2006.

A Necessary Purpose


Government Alpha - 記憶の解像度 Resolution Of Remembrance 1992-1999

Now and again, the Brazilian anarchoharshnoisehead Jhones Silva emails in. Recently, he asked for a re-post of this box set. It's been so long that I had shamefully forgotten that the original link had been dead for nearly ten years. So ...

This is the exemplary representation of Yoshida Yasutoshi's Government Alpha mission.

If that wasn't enough, this four CD box set was released on Lasse Marhaug's Pica Disk in 2009. Clearly Lasse is a stone cold Norwegian legend but oh my lord does the man concentrate when he releases a box set. I buy them so I know. This is a flac rip and frankly it deserves to be shared in lossless.

p.s. Lasse, I know that you are thinking about it but are you going to reprint those Reynols T-Shirts or what? I need to be suitably dressed!






va - Macro Dub Infection Volume Two

The follow-up double disc of dub-influenced electronic music, featuring tracks by Bill Laswell, Mouse on Mars, Plug (aka Luke Vibert again), Him, Prince Paul, The Rootsman, Alec Empire, Porter Ricks, Third Eye Foundation, Maurizio, Rhys Chatham and a collaboration I didn't see coming: Ice & Palace... yes, that Palace...

disc 1
disc 2


Simon Wickham-Smith - Murrinh Kulerrkkurrk

Imagine Rovo raving within sight of Uluru. Insistent and persistent and capable of driving a person crazy in a bad way or a good way or both.

Double CDr released on Rhizome in 2004.

Murrinh Kulerrkkurrk


va - Macro Dub Infection Volume 1

A fantastic double CD (or triple LP) compilation of industrial electronic dub compiled by Kevin Martin (of The Bug, Techno-Animal and GOD) in 1995. There are some really excellent songs here by Automaton (a short-lived Bill Laswell project), Mad Professor, Bedouin Ascent, Omni Trio (aka Robert Haigh/Sema), Tortoise, Scorn, Wagon Christ (aka Luke Vibert), Golden Palominos, Coil, Laika, Two Badcard, The Rootsman, Tricky and many others.

disc 1
disc 2