Aluminum Noise - Totally Fucking Lost

Pekka Perä-Takala, who appears to be in the mood for orchestral drone tones on this one.

CDr released on Sacred Sound Noise in 2001.

Totally Fucking Lost


Gelsomina - Silver Screen

More quality Pekka constructions. He never seems to settle on a single theme and always entertains me no end.

CDr released in Japan on Deserted Factory in 2003.

Silver Screen


Gelsomina - Greenaway

Only in Finland ... contemplative and excoriating ... quality gear!

CDr released on Multi National Disaster Records in 2006.



Aluminum Noise - Sweet Leaf

Stone cold genius noise obliteration of Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" with the cover being a distorted take on the inner of the gatefold sleeve of the Paranoid album. Just quality all the way through!

Business Card CDr released on Troniks' sister label PACrec ‎in 2003.

Sweet Leaf


The New Blockaders - Etudes De Rien

Noise scree and Hulk Smash junk metal courtesy of TNB (who this time around are Mark Durgan, Michael Gillham and Richard Rupenus).

Originally a lathe plus tape extravaganza that disappeared immediately, this is the thankfully reissued tape.

C36 released on Coherent States in 2017.

Etudes De Rien


va - Three Minute Symphony

The follow-up to "Elephant Table", released by X-Tract as a 2LP in 1984. Yet another wonderful time capsule of the early 1980's industrial cassette network underground, this time with a more international focus. Short songs from Ptose, Van Kaye & Ignit, Kill Ugly Pop, Merzbow, Stratis, Hunting Lodge, Nurse With Wound, Sema, Die Todlische Doris, Smegma, Subject, Colin Potter, Asmus Tietchens, Trax, DDAA, Philip Johnson (of Storm Bugs), Legendary Pink Dots, Conrad Schnitzler, Point of Collapse, Nagamatzu, Hurt, Roll Kommando, Bene Gessirit,

va - Three Minute Symphony


Gelsomina - Deus Ex Garbage Can

It's Pekka PT ... he's from Finland don'tcha know ... it's on Turgid Animal ... it's great.

It's a C40. It was released in 2007.

Deus Ex Garbage Can


va - The Elephant Table Album

Songs by David Jackman, Nurse With Wound, Portion ControlCoil, Chris & Cosey, SPK, We Be Echo, Muslimgauze, 400 Blows, Attrition, Nocturnal Emissions, Bourbonese Qualk, Legendary Pink Dots, Lustmord, Konstruktivists, Paul Kelday, Bushido... basically an ideal line-up of mostly-English 1983 underground industrial heavy hitters. This is one of the defining comps of the era, and it's a good one. It sounds very much like 1983, but I consider that a positive. 

va - The Elephant Table Album


Gelsomina - Sick Seed

Superior warped noise courtesy of Pekka PT who would later record under the name Sick Seed.

C40 released on Turgid Animal in 2008.

Sick Seed

[just in case you missed it ... check the comments from yesterday]


va - Urgh! A Music War The Album

Soundtrack to the classic concert film from 1981, with live recordings of XTC, Echo & the Bunnymen, Oingo Boingo, Pere Ubu, Dead Kennedys, 999, Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, Gang of Four, Fleshtones, Toyah Wilcox, Wall of Voodoo, Skafish, the Au-Pairs, Devo, a not-great showing from Gary Numan, too much by The Police (because the movie's director and IRS Records' CEO Miles Copeland is Police drummer Stewart's brother), and lots more. Of particular note is the incendiary performance by The Cramps, which to me is a career highlight for its manic, drooling lunacy. Same for Klaus Nomi's blinding turn on "Total Eclipse", which doubles as a painful reminder that he passed away far too soon. Due to legal whatnot, it's highly unlikely that the movie will be remastered and made available though any above-board channels, but bits have popped up on YouTube. Better than nothing.

va - Urgh! A Music War The Album


va - Risveglio Di Una Citta (In Memory Of Luigi Russolo)

Yeah yeah, I know. A noise tribute to Luigi Russolo is about as creative an idea as covering 4'33". Yawnsville. This particular compilation is notable, though, having taken the form of a 6xCDR set with an entire album by a different artist. The artists are all from different countries, too. You get Cria Cuervos from Italy, Lt. Caramel from France, Big City Orchestra from the US, Head58m from Poland, Government Alpha from Japan, and Hyware (the dormant noise alter ego of Radboud Mens) from the Netherlands. It came inside a lovely full color magazine which I did not scan, so you'll have to make do with the Discogs image above. If you like it, go buy your own copy off Discogs (I'm assuming it's long sold out at the source) and scan all those pages. Released in 2008 as a limited edition of 160 numbered copies by the Polish label Impulsy Stetoskopu.

disc 1 Cría Cuervos - The Solidity of Fog
disc 2 Lieutenant Caramel - My Six Families of Noises
disc 3 Big City Orchestra - How an Automat Works
disc 4 Head 58m - Scape
disc 5 Government Alpha - Intonarumori 2008
disc 6 Hyware - Computori


Life, The Universe and Everything

Stephen Hawking has left us. I consider myself genuinely privileged to have been around during his lifetime. He has taught us all more about the infinite and the deeply personal than we deserve.

We truly stand on the shoulders of giants!


Wahehe - Dywagacje Uniwersalne

Second volume of exhumed 1980s Polish industrial music, brought to us as an edition of four CDRs by the heroes at Impulsy Stetoskopyu. These discs span 1984 to 1989, and come from the sole remaining copy of the band's demo tape, plus more sound from the band-leader's personal archive. Compared to the other acts in this series, Wahehe left slightly more of a magnetic trace. Discogs lists contributions to three compilation tapes in 1989, followed by this set. Some of this stuff sounds a bit like the blown-out synth monoliths of early MB, other stuff has the looseness of "Ein Produkt der DAF" mixed with Cabaret Voltaire. I'm not doing it justice, though. You might as well hear it for yourself.

disc 1 - Pierwsza Dywagacja
disc 2 - Druga Dywagacja
disc 3 - Trzecia Dywagacja
disc 4 - Czwarta Dywagacja


Paweł Paulus Mazur - 1984-1989 Dźwięki Zebrane Czyli Ultra Music Box (Arc_Hiv Positiv) No. 1

Another volume of Impulsy Stetoskoyu's ambitious Archive of Polish Industrial Music, these discs span five years of sound by Paweł Paulus Mazur and related bands: ZKS, Po Schodach, Novy Levy Proletariyat, others you've surely never heard of. It came out in 2012 as a set of six CDRs in a metal tin with a booklet inside, and was limited to just 100 copies. That might not sound like much, but it's probably a larger edition than anything the bands published in their lifetime. Actually, I haven't been able to find evidence of any album in any format that these bands might have released during the 1980s. Again, I'm suspecting that the label gathered rough live recordings and demos. That it became a set of six full albums is a testament to both the label's sense of purpose and the depth of Cold War-era Polish industrial music previously languishing unheard in people's basements. For fans of Throbbing Gristle, Non Toxique Lost or Esplendor Geometirco.

disc 1 - ZKS, PAP, Kościotrup (1984-1986)
disc 2 - Po Schodach (1986)
disc 3 - Totart/Hiena (1986)
disc 4 - Paweł Paulus Mazur, Potem, Nie Kuam (1987-1988)
disc 5 - Novy Levy Proletaryat (1988)
disc 6 - Novy Levy Proletaryat (1989)


Szelest Spadajacych Papierkow - Trojmiejski Wiatr

How well do you know the 1980s/1990s Polish industrial scene? Not very well, I'll bet. The Polish label Impulsy Stetoskopu set out to educate people with their series of reissues under the heading The Archive of Polish Industrial Music. In 2009, the label kicked off their series with this set of 3 CDRs in a metal tin with posters and other documentary information inside. As far as I can tell, there are no other available recordings by Szelest Spadajacych Papierkow.

You thought Sheffield was grim in 1981? No-Wave-era New York City was dicey? The Eastern Bloc probably had those better-known breeding-grounds for industrial culture beat. Rather than a coy art-school pose or nihilist fashion show, references to the Third Reich in Cold War Poland was genuinely provocative. Recorded after martial law was lifted, during the country's years of strikes, economic uncertainty, Solidarity, and violence, this music (and the rest in the Archive... series) is a reflection of truly underground, possibly dangerous, art-making.

There isn't much other evidence of these bands ever having existed. There was hardly a cassette-network reaching out to trade tapes and appear on international compilations, and Rough Trade never visited Krakow to sign young bands up for singles to be played on John Peel's show, or sand off their rough edges to make them palatable for dance clubs. Impulsy Stetoskopu did an admirable job of hunting down primitive live recordings and demo cassettes that likely never made it out of Poland while these bands existed. Naturally, since this was released in an edition of only 120 copies that are well sold out by now, it's time to broaden the audience a little bit more.

disc 1 - The Anti–Third Reich’n’Roll Part 1
disc 2 - The Anti–Third Reich’n’Roll Part 2
disc 3 - Plac Wymiany Pozytywnej


Ahlzagailzehguh - Tactile Agnosia

Strap in for 25 tracks on another 3" CDr released on Collapsed Hole in 2003.

Tactile Agnosia


Ahlzagailzehguh - Tools Of A Dangerous Trade

James Cooke's short harsh noise assault on a 3" CDr released on Collapsed Hole in 2003.

Tools Of A Dangerous Trade


day of the living dead links.

Going all the way back to 2013 for some old posts with re-upped links for your weekend entertainment.

Toshimaru Nakamura & Unplugboy - Untitled
Seed Mouth - Gurgitation
Seed Mouth - Titanic
Seed Mouth - Happy Birthday Junko
Seed Mouth - Scum
Seed Mouth - Live in Denmark 2001
ASM - 219
ASM - Pure Electronics
Haare - Omega Wound
Haare - Trauma
Haare - Skull Worship
Unusable Signal - Skull Continents
Unusable Signal - Universe in Terrors
Morbid Organ - Scum
Golden Vomit - Bird of Doom
Golden Vomit - Eternal Madness
John Olson - Dark Season of Id
John Olson - Attic Chair
The Lake Bottoms - Untitled
Eva-Johanna Reichstag - Memorial 78-79
Die Form - 1
Die Form - X-Action
Hélène Sage - Comme une Image
Kadef - Kalojan Besucht Dieter
Kadef - Träume & Schäume
Kadef & Weibal-Barthel - Split
Schönheit Der Jugend & Kadef - Split
Minotaure - 98/3/21
Narita Mamoru - Music for Butoh Dance Improvisation
Kakera - 2-10-03
P. Children - Documentation 1987-1992
Moongang - Untitled
Pete Swanson & The Cherry Point - Split C30
Pete Swanson & The Cherry Point - Split C21
Pete Swanson & The Cherry Point - Split C15
GMS & The Cherry Point - Split C30
GMS & The Cherry Point - Split C15
GMS & The Cherry Point - Split C08
Unplugboy & Toshimaru Nakamura - Untitled
Dead Body Love - Volcano God
Dead Body Love - Emetic
va - Far East Experimental Sounds Presents - Sounds of Fantasy
va - A Conclusion of Unrestrained Philosophy
va - Pure Will, Without the Confusion of Intellect
Failing Lights & Unusable Signal - Collaboration
Unusable Signal - Universe in Terrors
Unusable Signal - Skull Continents
Smersh - The Part of the Animal That People Don't Like
Smersh - The Beat From 20,000 Fathoms
Smersh - The Greatest Story Ever Distorted
Kaoru Abe - Paritas Unfinished
Kaoru Abe - Mort a Credit
Masayuki Takanayagi & Kaoru Abe - Kaitai Teki Kohkan
Masayuki Takanayagi & Kaoru Abe - 漸次投射 Gradually Projection
Masayuki Takanayagi & Kaoru Abe - 集団投射 = Mass Projection
va - Inspiration & Power 14 Free Jazz Festival 1
Sukora - Tower
Hirama Takahiro - Thr Eat Rhy Thm
CCCC - Amplified Crystal II
Hado-Ho, Tamaru, Kazunao Nagata - Feedbackpsychedelia
Humectant Interruption & Rorn - Split
G*Park - 1983-1988+


Charlie Draheim - This Man, This Skull

The aliens are coming ...

3" CDr released on Chondritic Sound in 2007.

This Man, This Skull


Charlie Draheim - Breaking Luck

As far as I'm concerned, Charlie is completely underrated. I might be in a room on my own but it won't be for the first time.

This is one of those lovely 3" CDrs released on Chondritic Sound. It's from 2005.

Breaking Luck