Pauline Oliveros / Stuart Dempster / Panaiotis - Deep Listening

This is the release that Pauline refers to below where the 45 second reverberation time of the Dan Harpole Cistern shapes the music and becomes the fourth member of the band. A truly seminal recording.

CD released on New Albion in 1989.

Deep Listening


Deep Listening Band - Needle Drop Jungle

Pauline Oliveros with Stuart Dempster and David Gamper.

Double LP released on Taiga Records in 2012.

Needle Drop Jungle


Pauline Oliveros - Primordial / Lift

Four drone poems interspersed with sinister film scores across four sides on vinyl ... released to mark Pauline's 80th birthday.

Double LP on Taiga Records in 2012.

Primordial / Lift


Pauline Oliveros - Primordial / Lift

Now we have the return of the original mix by Andrew Deutsch and it completely transforms the work. The two original tracks are replaced by a much longer single (master)piece.

CD jointly released on Deep Listening and Institute For Electronic Arts in 2006.

Primordial / Lift


Pauline Oliveros - Primordial Lift

Originally, this was mixed by Andrew Deutsch but, for some reason, he was removed entirely and replaced by a live mix from Chris Borkowski. Whilst a great piece of work, something was definitely lost on the two tracks but it would take another seven years to find out exactly how much. This is also highly notable for having Tony Conrad on violin.

CD released on Table Of The Elements in 1999.

Primordial Lift


Pauline Oliveros - The Well And The Gentle

Pauline with her equivalent of a full orchestra performing pieces recorded in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Cologne during 1984.

Double LP released on hat ART in 1985.

The Well And The Gentle


Pauline Oliveros - Tara's Room

Exquisite processed accordion and multi-tracked instruments and vocals. All courtesy of Pauline ...

Originally a self-released tape, this is the CD released on Deep Listening in 2004.

Tara's Room


Pauline Oliveros / Eliane Radigue / Yoshi Wada / Sun Circle - Attention Patterns

Introducing something that needs no introduction is a bit pointless. It's not like you'd actually read it. Bit of a waste of time really.

Double LP and accompanying booklet jointly released by Important Records and Black Pollen Press in 2010.

Attention Patterns

48-page Booklet


Eliane Radigue - Trilogie De La Mort

A series of exquisite droneworks conceived and created between 1985 and 1993.

Triple CD released on Experimental Intermedia Foundation in 1998.





Eliane Radigue - Chry-ptus

"Originally two tapes which are to be played simultaneously, with or without synchronisation, which does not affect the structure of the work, but creates changes in the game of sub-harmonics and overtones. Three variations on this piece were performed at the New York Cultural Center in 1971, with variations of amplitude and location modulation as well as synchronisation and de-synchronisation up to one minute both way. Realised on the Buchla Synthesizer at the New York University."

The original works from 1971 accompanied by respective versions from 2001 and 2006.

Double CD released on Schoolmap in 2007.



Eliane Radigue - Feedback Works

More processed tape recorder feedback drone that includes two mixes of Vice Versa.

... et cetera ...

Double LP released on Alga Marghen in 2012.

Feedback Works


Eliane Radigue - Vice Versa, etc....

Originally self-released as a reel to reel stereo tape in 1970 in an edition of only 10 copies. Ostensibly, it's one long sublime drone that can be played in either channel or both, forwards or backwards, at any speed you like and for as long as you like. It's well worth nipping across to the release page for a broader explanation.

Double CD released on Important Records in 2009.

Vice Versa, etc....


Eliane Radigue - Biogenesis

Considered by many to be the greatest entry in Metamkine's Cinema Pour L'Orielle series, "Biogenesis" was composed by the magnificent Eliane Radigue in 1973 and first performed in New York in 1974. The piece was finally released in 1996 and is wonderful in every way. I'll bet the first thing you do after listening to this 21-minute masterpiece is play it again from the beginning. I did not want this to end. I hope you feel the same way.

Eliane Radigue - Biogenesis


Roger De La Frayssenet - Kitnabudja Town

We're coming to the end of the Cinéma Pour L'Oreille series. We haven't posted the three Lionel Marchetti discs or Frame by Eric M. On Discogs, there is also a missing catalogue number (MKCD030) that I haven't been able to identify ... maybe it doesn't exist.

As a consolation, here's a concrète collage dedicated to Roger's Corsican grand father and to Jérôme Noetinger.

Roger De La Frayssenet is, of course, Lionel Marchetti.

CD released on Metamkine in 1997.

Kitnabudja Town


Luc Ferrari - Unheimlich Schön

Another historical entry in the sound-movie series, this is a 1971 piece by the one and only Luc Ferrari.

Luc Ferrari - Unheimlich Schön


Bernhard Günter - Impossible Grey

I nearly didn't post this one. I was convinced that my rip had degraded (which it had) and tried different degrees of amplification to bring it back to life. Then I got into an internal dilemma about posting something that actually had nothing to do with what Bernard intended.

Thankfully, CPI strode purposefully to the rescue with her flac rip of the CD ...

Bernhard Günter reworking source material provided by Marc Behrens on a 3" CD released on Metamkine in 1997.

Impossible Grey

... and then she blew my mind clean away with her edit of the track. Following a simple (if you're a genius) rule of isolating every 20 seconds of each channel and normalising the volume ... the track explodes into life. The depths revealed are an absolute revelation!

Once you've heard the CD, you really need to listen to this!

... and now that your attention is well and truly grabbed, take a stroll through the CPI site and definitely watch this!


Maurizio Martusciello - Unsettled Line

Released in 2000, this is a rare solo work by Italian composer Maurizio Martusciello, who you may know from his work with Metaxu, Z.E.L.L.E., Ossatura, or his duo with his brother Elio.

Maurizio Martusciello - Unsettled Line


Bernard Fort - Fractals

High speed car chase performed by toy cars with dysfunctional batteries and dial up tone reminders. Another insightful and erudite interpretation courtesy of moi. What? You want me to analyse it's position in the canon of great music? Hmm, you're new here. Tip the waiter on the way out ...

Excellent 3" CD released on Metamkine in 1996.



Jérôme Noetinger - Gloire A...

For the third entry in his Cinema Pour L'Orielle series in 1992, Metamkine's own Jerome Noetinger released a rare studio composition of his own.

Jérôme Noetinger - Gloire A...


Zbigniew Karkowski - Consciously Unconscious Unconsciously Conscious

This will do whatever you want it to do. One of my favourite pieces by Mr K.

Perfectly titled 3" CD released on Metamkine in 2002.