Hairmaiden Of The Totem Robe - Breaking The Head

A relatively (and tragically) short collaboration between Jeff Astin and the person who was Royallen. Fundamentally, these are home-made sounds that are warped into the unaccepted truth that the Mayan civilisation was abducted by altruistic aliens.

Double tape set released on Housecraft Recordings ‎in 2009.

Breaking The Head


Do Tell - Sewn To The Current

This may have found it's way into a New Age (gag) category but it's much too sophisticated for that. The interspersed early 4AD inspired bass and guitar lines plus a few left turns saves it from being bracketed alongside Josh Burke.

Double tape set released on Housecraft Recordings ‎in 2008.

Sewn To The Current


Digital Natives - Three Shits To The Wind

Jeff Astin's unhinged Digital Natives. Like gatecrashing a series of parties, realising that they are all happening in reverse and not being able to find your way out.

Three C60s released on Housecraft Recordings in 2014 in an edition of 50.




Stephen Mallinder - Pow Wow Plus

Incredible album of skeletal robot dub from 1982 by Cabaret Voltaire's Stephen Mallinder, reissued on CD with contemporaneous extra tracks by a short-lived sub-label of Mute called The Grey Area. If "Red Mecca" and "The Voice of America" are your fave CV era, this album will check all the right boxes.

Stephen Mallinder - Pow Wow Plus


va - Arcana Cœlestia (Nexus One - An International Musical Explorer)

A fitting compilation album for winter afternoons, full of dour, vaguely "world-music"-scented ambience for chilly yoga studios. Terry Burrows, Controlled Bleeding, Asmus Tietchens, O Yuki Conjugate, Robert Rich, Jeff Grienke, Twice a Man, Peter Frohmader, Peter Bryngelsson. Released by Multimood in 1989 and very much a showcase for the sort of thing that label tended to put out.

va - Arcana Cœlestia (Nexus One - An International Musical Explorer)


Xiphiidae - Sewn Within A Circle

More godhead organic electronics ...

Double C60 released on his own Housecraft Recordings in 2009.

Sewn Within A Circle


Xiphiidae - Crystal Marvelous Fruit

It's that man Jeff Astin again with more exemplary electronic psychedelia.

A pair of C60s released on the extraordinary Excite Bike in 2009 in a huge edition of 100.

Crystal Marvelous Fruit


Various - Good Wheel Tea Carpentry

Do yourself a favour. Turn your phone off. Send the other humans away on a pointless errand. If somebody interrupts your listening then you might just hate them forever. Don't take the chance.

Royallen, Cyquoia, Tricorn and Queue, Tuluum Shimmering, Do Tell, 1994, Peat Raamur and Xiphiidae.

Quadruple C30 box courtesy of the utterly gorgeous Housecraft Recordings in 2010.

Good Wheel Tea Carpentry


S.T.A.B. Electronics / Chloroform Rapist / Unclean / Concrete Mascara - Art Of Deviance

This does what it says on the tin.

Double C60(ish) released on Corrosive Art Records in 2012.

Art Of Deviance


va - Harmony Of The Spheres

Huge and just about perfect compilation of psychedelic drone and space rock, first released as a box set of 3 LPs and later thankfully reissued as a more affordable double CD by Drunken Fish. Songs by Bardo Pond (one of my favorite things they've recorded, a loping mantra of fuzz and green smoke), Flying Saucer Attack at the height of their powers, an extended Berlin-School-informed zonk by Jessamine, typically lovely washed-out solo guitar reveries by Roy Montgomery (of The Pin Group) and Loren MazzaCane Connors (who probably influenced everyone on this album), and a big finish from the incomparable Charalambides. Loud guitars, stoned bliss.

disc 1
disc 2


Concrete Mascara - Excess Takes Its Toll

Impressively atmospheric and effective American shouty noise. I believe that da yoot describe this as powered electronics. It might just catch on you know.

C50 released on Wohrt Records in 2012.

Excess Takes Its Toll


Weak Sisters - My Girl

Quality. Quality. Quality.

C20 released on Heavy Psych in 2009.

My Girl


Weak Sisters - Dream Region

Fire-breathing noise from the bloke who was also (it appears) Other Peoples Children.

CDr released on the magnificent Turgid Animal in 2007.

Dream Region


Smegma Squad / Filthy Turd - Split

I don't know much about Smegma Squad other than it's "Torso & Rotula in "Anal is for Manual Studios." This recording was made while they were using a lot of alcohol, cigars, tranquilizers and T.H.C.". The flip is Darren doing what he does best ... Turding around quite splendidly.

C60 released on No Lyrics Records in 2006.

Smegma Squad / Filthy Turd


Kylie Minoise / Filthy Turd - Untitled

Four live arse-kickings courtesy of Lea Cummings followed by Darren Wyngarde "Riding Wild Women Through An Acre Of Piss" for half an hour.

CDr released on Voltagestress*r ‎in 2006.

Kylie Minoise / Filthy Turd


Coptic Nausea / Failing Lights / Three Legged Race - Choke On Your Elders

Trevor Tremaine ( who was in the likes of Hair Police, Burning Star Core and a load of great outfits), Mike Connelly and Robert Beatty sharing six sides of analogue plastic.

Great triple tape set released on Rampart Tapes in 2008. Is this really over ten years old? Wow, aren't the Policemen looking young these days? You know when I was a lad, people had standards ... used to be able to leave your back door wide open ...

Choke On Your Elders


Various - Tapeworms Eat Bookworms

D Yellow Swans, Wives and The Cherry Point, Robedoor and Impregnable will mislead you into thinking this is a straight ahead release. The label will tell you this is some warped shit.

Double C60 released on Not Not Fun Records in 2004.

Tapeworms Eat Bookworms


Various - All This Has Happened Before And It Will All Happen Again

Wolf. Eyes. Aaron. Dilloway. Hive. Mind. Emeralds. Recorded. Live. No. Brainer.

Double C30 released on AA Records in 2009.

It Will All Happen Again


Agencement - Agencement

The second LP ...

LP released on Pico in 1989.



Agencement - Boxe Consonantique

Processed strings, tape and electronics from the brilliant Hideaki Shimada.

CD released on Pico in 2001.

Boxe Consonantique