Sten Hanson - More Canned Porridge

All praise goes to Mrs Inside who finally made my inattentive brain understand the full glory of Sten Hanson. This is a series of compositions conceived between 1964 and 2004 that will absorb you once you ignore the outside world.

Double CD released on Firework Edition Records in 2004.




Various - Text-Sound Compositions: A Stockholm Festival

Excellent compilation bringing together contributions to the International Text-Sound Compositions festivals held in Stockholm between 1967 and 1968. Sten Hanson, Svante Bodin, Bernard Heidsieck, Bengt Emil Johnson, Åke Hodell and so much more ...

Five CD compilation released on Fylkingen Records in 2006.







Sheriff Lindo & The Hammer - Ten Dubs That Shook the World

A 2005 Japanese reissue of a heavy, obscure 1988 dub album from Australia.

Sheriff Lindo & The Hammer - Ten Dubs That Shook the World


Various - Hip Hop Shop Sweepers Vol.01

And the prize for misnomer of the week goes to ... this compilation that features people like Charles Balls & Crank Sturgeon, Robedoor, Smegma, Blood Stereo, Nautical Almanac, Id M Theft Able and Witcyst.

CDr released on 777 Was 666 in 2006.

Hip Hop Shop Sweepers Vol.01


We™ - As Is

The 1997 debut of "illbient" (aka instrumental hip-hop/dub/noise hybrid) trio, with guest appearance by violinist Eyvind Kang.

We™ - As Is


Various - Beginners Night At The Tape Loop Club

Quality compilation of people producing lovely looped drones including Sindre Bjerga and Jan-Morten Iversen, Stefan Kushima, Ian Najdzionek's Dream Safari, the wonderful Spoils & Relics, Terje Paulsen, and Joseph Martin.

CDr released on Sindre Bjerga's Gold Soundz in 2009.

Beginners Night At The Tape Loop Club


Various - Macro Dub Infection, Volume 2

I wouldn't have thought of posting this without Mrs Inside's earlier intervention. This is very typical of the industrial club dub techno vibe that was prevalent at the time. I was getting very heavily into English heavy techno and drum and bass round about then so well y'know ...




va - Macro Dub Infection Volume 1

Another double-disc set compiled by Kevin Martin, featuring music from Omni Trio (formerly known as Robert Haigh/Sema), Automaton (heavy industrial dub by Bill Laswell), Mad Professor, Coil, Tortoise, 4 Hero, Spring Heel Jack, Wagon Christ, Ice, Iration Steppas and more.

disc 1
disc 2


Various - Rewired Burglar Alarms

Spectacular reworkings of the New Sounds For Burglar Alarms CDr courtesy of Pål Asle Pettersen, Robert Horton, Sten Ove Toft, Per Gisle Galåen, Steffan De Turck, Andy Jarvis and Mikarla Jarvis (from the Stoke/Leeds collectives that unanimously bring joy to the world), Kurt Bolianatz, Jan-Morten Iversen, Charles Balls (aka Andrew Zukerman) and Anders Gjerde. Very very very good!

CDr released on Sindre Bjerga's Gold Soundz in 2006.

Rewired Burglar Alarms


va - Ambient 4: Isolationism

The fourth volume of Virgin Records' series of ambient compilations is the only one I listen to with any frequency. Compiled by Kevin Martin (of GOD, Ice, The Bug and Techno Animal), it features music by Ice, Techno Animal, O'Rang (aka Mick Harris), Scorn and Lull (both Harris again), Final, Main, KK Null, Jim O'Rourke, Labradford, Disco Inferno, James Plotkin, KK Null, Sufi (aka a member of 4AD's A.R. Kane & M/A/R/R/S), Zoviet France, Nijiumu (aka Keiji Haino), Total, Thomas Koner, AMM, Experimental Audio Research, Aphex Twin, Seefeel, Paul Schutze, Raoul Bjorkenheim, David Toop & Max Eastley. I suppose "isolationism" was intended to be a marketing-friendly term for dark drone music, but the diversity of this compilation implies that it never meant much. Still, it's a great album and has held up longer than the word "isolationism" (or illbient, glitch, lowercase, IDM and so on) ever did.

disc 1
disc 2


Sindre Bjerga - New Sounds For Burglar Alarms!

Norwegian legend produces 2 minutes of blinding noise followed by a 15 minute intro to a Sunn O))) song that they wished they'd written.

3" CDr released on DOKURO in 2009.

New Sounds For Burglar Alarms!


ABH - Drag

The first side is full of groaning metal infiltrated by material from The New Blockaders' seminal "Changez Les Blockeurs". The second side is the sound of Nobuo Yamada battling with quantum physics.

C30 released on the excellent Vitrine in 2016.



Artbreakhotel - Crazy Lotta

This is probably as close to Harsh Noise as Nobuo Yamada gets ... and it's (obviously) wonderful.

C40 released on Tordon Ljud in 2014.

Crazy Lotta


Artbreakhotel - Tut / Nix

Ever wanted to put random metal objects into a tumble dryer and turn it on to see what it sounds like? I have ...

Excellent C10 jointly released in Japan on VLZ Produkt and HISSterik Tapes in 2010.

Tut / Nix


ARTBREAKHOTEL - Contemporary Metal Vibes

When you sit down and listen to Nobuo Yamada you start to think that you recognise parts of his field recordings and that engenders a degree of superficial familiarity. But there is no such thing in any of his works. Everything is new. Everything is different. Frankly, the man's a genius.

CDr released on ABH in 2008.

Contemporary Metal Vibes


ARTBREAKHOTEL - Circulation Of Dive

Operatic fury and soaring metal noise clangour followed by it's inverse deconstruction. Or something like that. Or rearrange the words in any particular order. Or just listen because it really is great.

CDr released on ABH in 2007.

Circulation Of Dive


Artbreakhotel / Graham Moore - Split

Nobuo Yamada (possibly) using the same source material that he used in Empty Can Street Orchestra but taking it into a completely different (noise) direction. Graham Moore is the founder of Blossoming Noise and played in a host of other outfits. He contributes a wealth of cut up glitch that sounds like an unholy alliance between Crank Sturgeon, AFX and Id M Theft Able. Strange but true!

CD released on Blossoming Noise in 2005.

Artbreakhotel / Graham Moore


Nobuo Yamada - Cheap, Metal, Motion

More junk metal and household objects explored and exploited with the final track, involving a musical box, pointing directly to the noise recordings that would follow under a different name.

CDr released on his own ABH label in 2002.

Cheap, Metal, Motion


Nobuo Yamada - Tape Recorder's Mad Joy

Riotous cut-up glitch and clipped noise loops ...

CDr released on ABH in 2003.

Tape Recorder's Mad Joy


Nobuo Yamada - Vase Echoes

Recording devices placed inside ordinary vases and the vases placed in diverse locations. An astonishingly wonderful example of what you can create with the potential sounds that lie around you. I'm assuming that it helps if you are a genius.

CDr released on ABH in 2004.

Vase Echoes