Vodka Sparrows - Death A Thousand Times Over

Two longer tracks that allow the drones to unfold much more effectively ...

CDr released on Anthony Guerra's Black Petal in 2009.

Death A Thousand Times Over


Vodka Sparrows - No Title / Self Title

Delicate and strung out twin guitar drones courtesy of Anthony Guerra and Mark Leacy.

C32 released on Melbourne-based Albert's Basement in 2013.

No Title / Self Title


va - As Yet Untitled

I love this compilation! Even though they released it before thinking of a title. All killer, no filler: AMK, Architects Office, The Haters, PBK, Tom Dimuzio, Illusion of Safety, Arcane Device, Hands To, Static Effect, Randy Grief, and more. Released in 1991 as a CD by Realization Recordings.

va - As Yet Untitled


Merzbow - Lowest Music & Arts 1980 - 1983

A massive pile of utterly necessary remastered tapes that were originally released on Masami Akita's "Lowest Music & Arts" label. You get a special Bleak Bliss prize if you can guess when they were released! There is some crossover with the Merzbox but these are the full tapes. Not that one is better than the other, they are different. I'd assume that most of you have this already ... this is for the ones that didn't.

Ten LPs and a 7" released on the inestimably important Vinyl-on-demand in 2012.





Richard Lainhart - Ten Thousand Shades Of Blue

Beautiful electro-acoustic drone music recorded between 1975 and 1989. It's all great, but the big hit is "Two Mirrors Face One Another", the 40-minute mammoth of audio codeine made from bowed Japanese temple bells on the first disc. Fans of Eliane Radigue, John Grzinich, Murmer., and Jim Haynes take note! Released in 2001 by Experimental Media Foundation

disc 1
disc 2


Merzbow - Kibbutz

Some people don't even know that Masami Akita and Kiyoshi Mizutani only had guitars, drums, keyboards and the most rudimentary effects to pursue the Merzbow mission.

Once a tape that was originally released on ADN in 1983 and then an LP released on Urashima in 2012.



G*Park - 15

Recorded live in Berlin in 2009, released in 2010 as a 100-copy CDR by Rumpsti Pumpsti Edition (aka Tochnit Aleph's record shop and gallery) in 2010.

G*Park - 15


Merzbow - Collection 009

Remastered reissue of the 1981 tape released as an LP on Urashima in 2013.

Whilst we are here: over the past few months, スローダウンRECORDS have released a whole raft of Merzbow covering new material and a host of 1979-83 ish reissues (most of which we hadn't heard before). We have all of them and they are all great. Even though they are still available from the label and there are effective distribution networks (Soleilmoon, for instance), there are some Japanese speculators listing these for sale at many multiples of the release price. You have been both informed and warned. Get them at the real price whilst you can.

Collection 009


Merzbow - Collection 007

Self-released C44 from 1981 that is different to the one presented on the Lowest Music & Arts box-set.

Collection 007


Merzbow - Antimonument

Originally a picture disc LP released on ZSF Produkt in 1986. Five years later, it was remastered and re-released with a bonus track. This is another that's now considered to be unofficial as the label kind of forgot to pay anybody. The packaging for these is really quite good ... maybe that's where all of the money went. However, there were only supposed to be 225 released but I suspect there were a lot more. I can't remember which box mine is stashed in (and I'm too lazy to go and find it) so can't confirm my edition number. 000872 is shown on discogs. Given I'm firmly in "allegedly" territory, let's move on ...

CD released on Art Directe in 1991.



SCUM - Steel Cum EP

In spite of a small number of these getting a Japanese release, it's officially an unofficial release given that Vertical Records remixed material from the original Steel Cum tape without permission. It's still good tho'.

7" released on Vertical Records and ZSF Produkt in 1992.

Steel Cum


Allan Bryant - Spaceball (Powrfl Nu Electric Gtarz N Nu Sounz)

Early 1990s self-released CD of guitar noise by genuine oddball Allan Bryant, who was a member of the great oddball ensemble Musica Electronica Viva along with heavy weirdos Richard Teitelbaum, George Lewis, Alvin Curran, Fred Rzewski, and more. Bryant's most glaring peculiarity is his singular method of spelling. See, he believes that rules of spelling are too rigid and take too much time to earn, so he spells everything in a few characters as possible... he thinks this makes communication more direct. Note that on the over of this, his first solo album, he helpfully lets you know (via parenthesis) that "Aln" is how he will spell his name from now on. He dsnt bthr abrevtng t wrd "electric" fr sum rzn. Hu noz y? Nt me. 

Allan Bryant - Spaceball (Powrfl Nu Electric Gtarz N Nu Sounz)


Recycled Body Programm / Vidna Obmana / S.C.U.M. - Statue Series

Classy set of tapes that has Bart Hanselaar's Recycled Body Programm, Dirk Serries' Vidna Obmana (just in case you don't know, Dirk morphed into the excellent Fear Falls Burning) and S.C.U.M. (Masami Akita and Kiyoshi Mizutani).

The third tape is the great "The Scan Has Undergone Several Minor Revisions" that was released in Japan on Masami's ZSF Produkt label in the same year. I doubt that many in "the west" would have got to heard this otherwise. The fourth tape is a compilation (that has most of the Steel CUM tape) with some great collaborations and reworkings from the European chaps.

Four C60 set released on Seiten Sprung Aufnahmen in 1989.




Merzbow - Merzbuddha Variations

This pushes the beats to the back of the room and lets the crawling escalation take the main stage. I reckon my name still isn't on the list. Bastards!

C32 released on Duenn in 2012.

Merzbuddha Variations


Merzbow - Merzbuddha

The kind of menacing beat driven techno-noise that plays in my favourite imaginary discotheque. Knowing my luck, they wouldn't let me in.

CD released on Important Records in 2005.



Merzbow - 1633

Simply gorgeous example of Masami Akita's early 2K work.

LP released on En/Of in 2004 in a tiny edition of 100 copies.

Nothing else to say really.



Wolf Eyes & Merzbow - Live Frying

A collaboration made in heaven! The first track is from a gig at Kings in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2013. The second track is certainly studio and might be Mr Olson playing with source material.

CDr released on American Tapes in 2014.

Live Frying


nEGAPADRÉS.3.3. - Untitled

Yet another strangely unpronounceable alter ego of a;GRUMH..., this one turned out to be the longest lasting. Similar to Theee Rebearth CorporationnEGAPADRÉS.3.3. was the Belgian duo's outlet for abstract noise, but with less silliness. The LP came out on Circle Records in 1987, but they've revived it for albums as recent as 2011, making it outlast even their "main" band.

nEGAPADRÉS.3.3 - Untitled


Wolf Eyes - Clock Warden Vol. 1

... and then there is this to complete a brilliant quartet.

Clock Warden Vol. 1


Theee Rebearth Corporation - Verses

A one-time-only noise/ambient alter ego of Belgian industrial band à;GRUMH..., this LP came out in 1988 on their own Circle Records label.

Theee Rebearth Corporation - Verses