Big Black - (Sound Of Impact.)

When I was a much younger badgerstump, my weekly ritual was to trawl down to Piccadilly Records (when it was in the grandiosely titled Piccadilly Plaza). Once you got past the toxic fog created by the revving bus engines, paradise awaited. Row upon row of the latest Homestead, Dischord, Touch And Go, SST, Taang, Shimmy Disc and more. This was at the time when the American underground labels finally got themselves European distribution deals and rabid scrotums like me didn't have to rely on crushingly expensive imports ... or worse ... not being able to hear the things you were reading about at all.

So, it's 1987. I'm reading the vastly superior Sounds music paper. Songs About Fucking is about to be released and Mr Albini is announcing their break-up "before they start sucking dick" and neglecting to mention that Santiago Durango going back to law school had something to with it (he ended up representing Cynthia Plastercaster and helping her to retrieve her bronze casts of rock star's penises ... and if that isn't Big Black through and through then I don't know what is).

So. I'm straight off to town to get me a copy of said Fucking ... and up on the wall behind the counter is (Sound Of Impact.). What the fuck is that I inquire of my mentor (never asked his name but he was an impeccable barometer ... Sex Mad by Nomeansno ... an approving nod for a fine choice ... Steel Construction by The Leather Nun? You've let me down and your family down, do better next time ... and let's face it he was right). This had never been in stock before and I wasn't going to risk not seeing it again. So I went home with this beast instead and returned for Songs the week after.

The title comes from the back sleeve that has 12 transcripts of flight box recordings where the airliners inevitably end with (Sound Of Impact.). Let's face it, if you are into Big Black then you at least have a rip of this already. Who knows, maybe you are the only one here that doesn't know it. This finishes off with a track called Bumbandit (great name for a track) but it's actually Rema Rema. How was I supposed to know?

Anyway, first edition, number 0648. You'll never see it for sale in my lifetime.

"Semi-official bootleg" LP on Not (the bootlegging arm of Blast First) in 1987. Discogs has this as a 1986 release, it isn't. It's 1987. How on earth do they get away with such subjective chronology?

Oh Manchester, so much to answer for ...


Emil Beaulieau - Plan A: Destruction of Output

Beaulieau destroys Tochnit Aleph records! Released as a 7" single by Tochnit Aleph, which seems appropriate.

Emil Beaulieau - Plan A: Destruction of Output


Emil Beaulieau - That Velvet Touch

Classic 7" single from The Greatest Living Noise Artist (or so he's claimed), Emil Beaulieau, aka RRRecords' own Ron Lessard destroying other people's records on his multi-armed turntable.

Emil Beaulieau - That Velvet Touch


Onnyk, Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Ken'ich Takeda - To Whom It May Concern - Dedicated To Kunio Nakamura (1944-1992)

Two 1985 quartets of sax legend Evan Parker, bassist Barry Guy, guitarist Onnyk (known for his work with Fifth Column, the cassette label and loose grouping of improvising noise artists that included Geso, Hide from Ultra-Bide, Jojo Hiroshige from Hijokaidan and more), and percussionist Ken'ich Takeda, followed by a Parker/Onnyk duo set from 1982. Recorded live to cassette by Onnyk and released as a CD in 1994, dedicated to the man who ran the Jazz & Now label and was a well-known critic and producer. 

Onnyk, Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Ken'ich Takeda - To Whom It May Concern - Dedicated To Kunio Nakamura (1944-1992)


Big Black - Rema Rema

I'm not going to pretend. Until I bought this in the early 90's (my memory can't do better than that) I'd never heard of Rema-Rema and it took me a while to find out ... don't forget peeps, it was nearly 30 years ago. This was originally a single-sided give away courtesy of Forced Exposure but the boot gives it a B Side.

And with most things in life, if it's good enough for Steve Albini then it's good enough for me!

Oh, and just to confirm my ignorance at the time. I bought the still astonishing "It'll End In Tears" by This Mortal Coil when it was released and still didn't realise ...

... because I don't have a wife to beat, I have Big Black


Rema-Rema - Wheel In The Roses

Finally (for now?) this is a really good rip of the original 12".

4AD have also just released the Fond Reflections compilation that you really need ... the double CD version even has an extended version of Wheel as a huge bonus.

Speaking of bonuses ... here's Rema-Rema Live at Acklam Hall in London in April, 1979 and somewhere else in London in the same year.

Wheel In The Roses


Rema-Rema - International Scale / Short Stories

More "where did that come from?" archive on this 7" courtesy of Inflammable Material in 2014.

International Scale / Short Stories


Rema-Rema - Entry / Exit

This comes from the session on the 13th of November 1979 that gave birth to Side A of Wheel In The Roses ... that didn't appear for 37 years? Really? Why the hell did it take that long ... ?

There is also a great 24-bit flac rip over on Needle Time if you haven't grabbed it already.

12" released on Inflammable Material in 2015.

Entry / Exit


Rema-Rema - What You Could Not Visualise

I was a massive fan of Renegade Soundwave before I knew about Rema-Rema so imagine my cherubic smiling face when out of seemingly nowhere this 12" turned up (no, I'm serious ... imagine it ... see feels better now doesn't it). A Renegade Soundmachine (Gary Asquith with Renault Schubert) remix of the eponymous track (the B side is the instrumental and I'm always a bit ho hum about such things). Anyway, it's feckin' great.

12" released on Le Coq Musique in 2015.

What You Could Not Visualise


Rema-Rema - Wheel In The Roses

Rema-Rema are without doubt (in my eyes) the greatest short-lived outfit the world has ever seen. They consisted of Gary Asquith on guitar and vocals, Marco Pirroni on guitar, Mick Allen on bass and vocals, Mark Cox on keyboards and Dorothy Max Prior on drums. This is the only official release in their lifetime and what a brilliant thing it is. A half studio / half live 12" originally released on 4AD in 1980. Just as revolutionary greatness beckoned, they split up.

Marco joined Adam And The Ants (of all bands), Gary, Mick and Mark formed the short-lived Mass with Danny Briottet before Gary (and Danny) became two-thirds of Renegade Soundwave, while Mick and Mark became two-thirds of The Wolfgang Press. Dorothy formed El Trains (with Jay Strongman) and worked with Genesis P Orridge and recorded as a solo artist on Industrial Records before briefly joining Psychic TV on a full time basis and later joined The Monochrome Set.

This is the CD reissue on 4AD from 2003.

Wheel In The Roses's the best thing ever uploaded to Youtube: Dominique Vanheusden combining The Feedback Song and Rema-Rema with Sergei Parajanov's "Sayat Nova" (aka The Colour of Pomegranates) and Soul Train. And at the end, you even get a section where Mrs Inside busts some moves!

You literally can't just watch it once ...


Gert Wilden & Orchestra - Schulmädchen Report

If you are not familiar with the work of James Last then you are very lucky. If you are, then think of Gert as a very sleazy Mr Last who composed soundtracks for a very dodgy theme within a certain brand of cinema that portrays adult women as "sexually adventurous" barely-pubescent girls. If you are able to blank out it's reason for existing, the music itself is cult schwing cheese.

Another Crippled Dick Hot Wax! ‎from 1996.

Schulmädchen Report


Various - Shake Sauvage: French Soundtracks 1968-1973

In spite of the cover, in relative terms, this is quite sophisticated.

CD released on Crippled Dick Hot Wax! in 2000.

Shake Sauvage


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Various - Beretta 70

"Roaring Themes From Thrilling Italian Police Films 1971-80". The only name that means much to me is Goblin who (seemingly ubiquitously) provided soundtracks for Dario Argento's finest work.

CD released on Crippled Dick Hot Wax! in 1998.

Beretta 70


Various - Beat At Cinecittà: Volume 1

And here's another sensual homage ...

CD released on Crippled Dick Hot Wax! in 1996.

Volume 1


Various - Beat At Cinecittà: Volume 2

"A sensual homage to the most raunchy, erotic film music from the vaults of Italian 60s & 70s cinema." Apparently.

CD released on Crippled Dick Hot Wax! in 1997.

Volume 2


Various - Beat At Cinecittà: Volume 3

This label is one of my guilty secrets, although to be honest I don't feel at all guilty about it ... and I've just told you, so it's not a secret either. Ah well! Anyway, they do a fine line in releases that compile glimpses of soundtracks from 60s and 70s European beat, underground and exploitation cinema with a fine balance of excellence and cheesy excellence.

CD released on Crippled Dick Hot Wax! in 1999.

Volume 3


The Psycheground Group - Psychedelic And Underground Music

This is the same people as before, but sleazier ... and therefore better!

Originally released in 1971, this is the CD reissue on AMS and Vinyl Magic from 2009.



The Underground Set - The Underground Set

Mini-skirts and floaty hands at the ready boys and girls! These are the same people who were behind the more proggy Nuova Idea. They wanted to have a more psychedelic sound so changed there name for a couple of albums to avoid licensing complications. At their best, they actually pull of some great Hammond psych-a-gogo wah wah. At their lest than best, you've finally found a use for that spray cheese.

Originally released in 1970, this is the "unofficial" CD on Flawed Gems from 2012 that has the bonus of including a couple of the Radio Records 7"s from 1970.

The Underground Set


Continental Fruit - Gently Carved Into Sound

This gorgeous music represents seven years of work by the Norwegian artist Jon Øyvind Lærum, pieces recorded between 1995 and 2002. It was first released as a CDR on the brilliant Humbug label, then was available as a download from Twilight Luggage, though that seems to be out of commission now. Which is a shame, because it is absolutely lovely and warm nocturnal drone music.

Continental Fruit - Gently Carved Into Sound