ONJT + - Bells

Otomo's New Jazz Trio. Otomo Yoshihide on various guitars, long-time collaborator Hiroaki Mizutani on bass and the magical Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (founder of Altered States) on drums. The plus refers to two additional members who appear for selected sessions to make up a quintet. None other than Sachiko M and Jim O'Rourke handling electronics on the first version! The versions in question are riff meditations on Alber Ayler's "Bells". It's glorious. Obviously.

CD released on Doubtmusic in 2010.

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FlaccusMUC 15 May 2023 at 05:22  

Wonderful - thank you very much! So far, I haven't heard much Otomo Yoshihide and I definitely have to do something about that. I've already started to look around for more Otomo on the internet.
As a result, a post like this is also yet another reminder that there is so much excellent stuff in the vaults of old BB posts, which I would love to see re-upped ...

badgerstump 15 May 2023 at 21:42  

i might put up an an amnesty re-up post and keep it live fro 48 hours and then delete it. Just to see what arrives in the comments ... there is a ridiculous amount of stuff that has been posted here. might keep me busy. no promises.

FlaccusMUC 16 May 2023 at 04:59  

Sounds promising, though ...

Anonymous,  20 May 2023 at 18:12  


Bill 6 February 2024 at 23:03  

I adore all of Otomo's jazz-related releases. Never heard this one. Thanks!