Musique Concret - Bringing Up Baby

Musique Concret were Jim Friedman and Michael Mullen who made one seminal piece of industrial electronic history and buggered off. It was released on Steven Stapleton’s label United Dairies and a convenient signifier would be early NWW with a fair chunck of what is on his list. Apparently, once they made and released the art they destroyed the master tapes and faded away into the so-called real world. Initially released as an LP in 1981 with a short tape reissue in 1987 and that appeared to be that ...

Then the lovely people behing Fractal Records sourced a mint vinyl copy of a holy relic (presumably courtesy of Matron Stapleton) and reissued it as a CD in 2004. It rapidly disappeared again and presumably would never get another formal release ... so, drumroll please:

if children are the future then why are we totally fucked as a species?


Anonymous,  19 March 2023 at 11:26  

Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous,  23 March 2023 at 20:42  

Absolute Masterpiece!