Gabi Losoncy - 2015

A gorgeous collection of field recording / manipulated sound as art / what do I know any way, spread across four CDrs.

A self-released (edition of 50) collection from 2016.

one-six, party over, oops, out of time


Anonymous,  24 January 2023 at 19:54  

Amazing, thank you!

Do you have also Judgement and Nobody's Pushing You??

Double Dubz 24 January 2023 at 23:57  

Nice, I was going to offer to share this to you but you have it...

Anonymous,  25 January 2023 at 02:40  

MORE GABRIELLE!!! I want it scrapin' & chafin' in my brain!!!

Anonymous,  27 January 2023 at 17:17  


Richie Muster,  3 March 2023 at 16:58  

Very nice indeed. Thank you.