Various - What Will Happen

What Will Happen was a short-lived sublabel of Human Ignorance whose output is ridiculously difficult to unearth, physically or digitally.

As far as I can tell, this doesn't anywhere on the World Wide Wankfest (obviously, the associated picture is just me going about my business at this time of year ... well anytime of year to be honest). It's a sampler of the label with edited tracks from the releases on the roster.

This is a gift from a friend of ours and I've left it in the wav files it was sent. It's not needed but I've asked wm. Rage (on here as Nervous Corps) about the release and he wanders past here now and again so might have something to add.

A CD jointly released on Vulnavia Editions and Human Ignorance in January 2013.

... bad things, that's what.


Most Definitely Not A Desperate Request,  9 December 2022 at 20:31  

Fine I'll give up the right kidney too.

Anonymous,  15 December 2022 at 16:24  

absolute masterpiece!
and more RSP if you can!