White Heaven - Next To Nothing


Fourth album by the best 1970s California psychedelic rock band to ever come out of Tokyo in the 1990s. White Heaven's studio debut, "Out", was an instant classic when it came out on the legendary PSF label. More recently, Black Editions reissued it in an expanded and great-sounding vinyl remaster. This record, however, remains ultra-rare and very expensive on the second-hand market. Now you can enjoy it for (next to) nothing.

free for all


rev.b 26 November 2022 at 02:38  

Wow, sounds like Quicksilver Messenger Service circa 1968, esp. the lead guitarist. Who'da thunk?

Mpg 3 December 2022 at 19:51  

black editions just announced a vinyl re-ish on this. fresh!

Anonymous,  9 December 2022 at 17:58  

Beautiful record

Certifiablockhead 10 December 2022 at 01:05  

wonderful and most fresh, thank you...