No Thing & The Spykes - Abominable Assurance In Oxidized Ointments

The past few posts have made me consider that time is deceitful. AmTapes in the 900s ten years ago? I used to stalk the HN_AM message board looking for the new releases and contact John to buy them. If I was lucky, I got them but frequently it was "hey, you just missed it". I nearly cried when I was told that the last copy of Spykes "Mistrust" six-taper had just been sold moments before I tried to get it. There were only five of those and it still really bugs the arse off me twelve years later. Never had a sniff ot it since then.

So? Oh yeah, the point. It was well-trailled that John was going to fold AmTapes when he got to 1000 (as far as I know 1K was a party in Michigan ... never got an invite, thanks for asking). It felt like a friend was shuffling off his mortal coil. Then the AmTapes site came down and that massive resource of "wtf was going on there then" was lost. Things went quiet for quite a while and then news arrived (always too late) of blink sorry you missed them bits and pieces, frequently tour mersh but still intrinsically American Tapes releases.

For the past couple of years, things have seemed to get a bit frequent. No fanfare that I have ever heard so not really been at the front of any queue to buy them. However, in the nicest and nerdiest possible way, I spend dumb / worthwhile amounts of time stalking t'interweb and talking to people and etc.

This is a ten disc set (with six of the CDrs being hand-painted "anti-discs") released on American Tapes in May 2022. No catalogue number btw.

Seriously, Brother O is at the height of his prodigious powers right now!

Oh yeah, nearly forgot ... it comes in a princely edition of two copies.

the abominable spyke thing


Anonymous,  27 September 2022 at 22:10  


Anonymous,  28 September 2022 at 05:31  

Whoa!...I'm speechless

FlaccusMUC 28 September 2022 at 05:33  

Just got up and finding this is a wonderful way to start the day. This should keep me busy for some time. Many thanks!

Anonymous,  1 October 2022 at 21:23  


The Thing That Should Not Be 12 September 2023 at 21:13  

Back when I used to get a lot of AmTapes stuff John would often bung the odd bit of whatever he had lying around at the time into the package and I ended up with a few CDrs that I'm pretty sure were one-offs - there was never any info on them at all and no packaging and the odd one wouldn't even play :D

Henry Rollins has got them all now. He's a good lad.