Heltir - Neue Sachlichkeit


Rozz Williams put Heltir on pause in 1989, then brought it back in 1994 as a duo with LAFMS weirdo Ace Farren Ford (of Smegma, The Decayes, Ace & Duce) for a more varied affair. Industrial percussion, tape loops, spoken word poetry. Released in the US by Triple X Records and in Europe by Dark Vinyl.  

rozz 3


Anonymous,  22 July 2022 at 21:06  

Brother, where are the Japanese Hobo's Concerts? Last year in October you said we need "patience". I am still waiting for the remaining 5 CDs!!

FlaccusMUC 25 July 2022 at 07:48  

I wouldn't mind more Rozz if you've got some. Any obscure Premature Ejaculation by any chance?

Anonymous,  27 July 2022 at 12:30  

that's TRULY amazing!