Hair Stylistics - Live!

We truly adore Nakahara Masaya. His creativity is unbounded and unique ... he is also redefining the word "prolific". I'm pretty sure that no one (not even him) will ever successfully catalogue his genius. His current output is largely via his whirlpool of a site. Oh My Fucking Christ On A Bike ... so so so so good! There is so little of his work out there that it's about time that I resurrected my posts from ten years ago ... with some others that I didn't get around to.

Triple disc released on his own Boid in 2009.



FlaccusMUC 2 March 2022 at 12:18  

Excellent - thank you very much! And your announcement that your are going to resurrect your old Masaya posts is certainly very promising. Please do so!

Anonymous,  2 March 2022 at 14:03  

What a Blessing!!!! THANXXX!!!