Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust In Your Head

Finally, I have some time off work and have been participating in volume induced acitvation therapy to repair my fractured synapses. This is a good way to get on with posting. Sometime in the mid '80s, I was listening to The Saintly Peel and he said something like [apologies, can't do the accent] "my lad advised me to go and see this band so I went over to Ipswich to see them. Very energetic it was too! They are currently unsigned but not for long I bet. Here's Extreme Noise Terror." He proceeded to play a recording of the entire gig. It was a short gig, but it's still playing in my head nearly 40 years later. I can't even picture the room that I was in, just an overwhelming feeling of what the fuck. Some smartarse journo went on to call things like this grindcore but that term didn't exist then. I still think of it as hardcore anarcho-punk. So what.

Initially released on vinyl on Head Eruption Records in 1989. This is a lossless rip of the CD released on Japan's Toy's Factory in 1991. I think that this is the only digital version that includes the opening track "Statement".

sleepy hollow head


oceane 17 January 2022 at 11:10  

Hello hello! Thank you for this, and for your other fascinating posts as well!

BLACK OPERATIONS 9 March 2022 at 02:32  

mr stump? do you have the unreleased version with mick harris on drums? if not do you want it zapping over to add to this post?

this album classic as it is certainly has a confusing history. info from discogs master release page :

There are three different recordings of this album:
- First recording from 1987 or 1988 with Mick Harris on drums (never released)
- Second recording from 1988 (available only on the Head Eruption and Farewell releases)
- Third recording from 1991 (all other versions)
All releases of the 91 recording omit the song "Statement" except for the Toy's Factory version.
For the Farewell version the second 1988 recording was remixed in 2010 but sounds nearly identical.

badgerstump 12 March 2022 at 12:57  

mr g. I don't and have never even heard it, so I certainly would love to have it!