Lubricated Goat - Paddock Of Love

I once saw Monster Magnet ... fuck me the singer BELIEVED he was in league with Santa or Satan or something. Entirely tiresome ... but have no fear! This is the sledgehammer swing of a camp Killdozer. These fuckers have their collective tongue shoved so far between your cheeks you may never need to wipe again.

CD released on Black Eye Records in 1988.

Paddock Of Love


kingpossum,  4 February 2021 at 22:41  

I once saw Monster Magnet too. The singer tromped around onstage, sometimes muttering to himself. The guitarist tuned up and nothing more. The drummer sat behind his kit. The bassist played some random notes. They left the stage.

kingpossum,  6 February 2021 at 08:23  

Correction: it was Thelonious Monster I saw. Not Monster Magnet. Apologies to all, especially to Ed Mundell. He would never tune up and then just stand there.

Anonymous,  7 February 2021 at 20:47  

To steal a comment some music journalist once made about Urge Overkill(ugh), Monster Magnet were some very smart boys playing very dumb. The album cover of Powertrip made that pretty apparent for anyone who didn't figure it out sooner. When come the Cosmic Psychos posts?

badgerstump 8 February 2021 at 16:39  

I have literally no clue what quote you're referring to.

I saw them in 1992, I'd bought a fair bit of their work prior to that. Seeing them made me immediately dislike them. I'm sure the singer is a very nice man. I thought he was a bell-end.