Randy Greif & Illusion Of Safety - In Our Little Bodies

The perfect accompaniment to the wait for the nuclear spring ...

CD released on Old Europa Cafe in 1994.

Little Bodies


Anonymous,  31 October 2020 at 16:23  

No, no, we are waiting for The Screaming Dukduks ;))))...

badgerstump 31 October 2020 at 16:45  

... and you still are ... isn't the anticipation delightful ...

Anonymous,  31 October 2020 at 17:51  

It is but I prefer to say: persistence is ALl ;). Iam going outside to check if blue moon alredy appear on the sky.
Have a good one.
Aaa, someone ask for The Drift, any chance for it?

Lawren 1 November 2020 at 20:56  

Thank you very much!

I agree with Anonymous - Screaming Dukduks and also Shadowbug 4 would be great...