Various - Nightside Terror

Harsh Noise Wall can be polarising ... love it or hate it? I'm in both camps. It isn't usually something that I have on heavy rotation and it's not something I would play whilst somebody else was there. For me, it's a deeply personal thing and when it is the right time it is perfect! The extreme monolithic quality of the noise cancels out all of the external bullshit and leaves me with my own genuinely unadulterated thoughts. Trance music for weird fuckers that spend far too much of their own personal time thinking about such things if you will / won't. Chances are that the words Harsh, Noise and Wall will have already made your mind up for you so whatever.

This is a great set of Richard Ramirez related work where Last Rape, Non Ho Sonno, The Wheel, House Of The Black Death and Forced Orgasm get two discs each.

This is a ten CDr set released on the Deadline Recordings sub-label H Series HNW ‎in 2014 in an edition of thirteen.

Sweet Dreams

Are Made Of This


Plague 26 June 2020 at 23:51  

It works extremely well for house cleaning

sebekulten 27 June 2020 at 09:06  

AMAZING!!!! Probably my favourite BB compilation post since Kaoru Abe's boxsets.
Same as you, I am not always in the mood for HNW, but when it hits, few things matter more.
From what I have discovered so far, Richard Ramirez has been the ideal embodiment of HNW. Not only cuts out the worries and sentiments of the material world, but morphs the spirit into a low-fantasy landscape, very similar to how I feel listening to long-form Molam.

badgerstump 27 June 2020 at 17:49  

I don't know Molam at all ...

Mr Ramirez is pretty much top of the tree (met him once and he is a really really nice man) but Sam McKinlay sits on the same branch. I like Romain Perrot's work some of the time but it's less differentiated ... it's almost literally a WALL ... but that's how he intends it to be ... no compromise, no remorse and all that ...

sebekulten 27 June 2020 at 18:49  

Sam McKinlay is The Rita, right? He's a close second to Ramirez. Pretty much the only artist whose stuff I always check at first with a relatively lower volume, then turn up as I see fit. The harshest of Masonna with the highest volume sends electric jolts through the body (pleasantly ofc), but The Rita would be totally emasculating that loud.
As for Vomir, I heard only two albums and a compilation so far, so my final opinion on him would not be much credible yet. However, I feel he's more contemplative than the other two. Not trying to expand, not trying to contract, no meaning, no pretence of meaning, nothing other than just basking in the moment, being there and then. Purely a wall, yes, but sometimes his music makes me intensely melancholic. HNW maxes out the path to absolute introspection unlike other genres, when I am in the mood, there's nothing really more important than this portal drawing me in.

Anonymous,  28 June 2020 at 19:13